Jeremy Prevails In Segment Three!

(WOMR file photo) It didn’t come without some tense moments, but you can no longer call Jimmie Johnson “Mr. Five-Time”.  No after the checkered flag waived at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday, Johnson has a new moniker, “Mr. Six-Time”.  He is now in some very rare company.  He is now in the club with just two […]

Can Jeremy Pull Off The Win?

(WOMR file photo) Ford Championship Weekend is upon us. That signifies the end of the 2013 season, and the crowning of the new Sprint Cup champion.  Unless Jimmie Johnson has a catastrophic race, the 2013 championship is his!  Matt Kenseth has a mathematical chance, but the realities are such that Jimmie Johnson will be crowned […]

Jeremy Is Still In the Lead!

(WOMR file photo) Anyone who may have been calling Kevin Harvick a “lame duck” driver really needs to rethink that thought!  Even though Harvick is leaving Richard Childress Racing after next Sunday’s Ford Championship 400 weekend, for the “greener pastures” of Stewart-Haas Racing, and even though Harvick had some extremely harsh words for Childress’ two […]

Jeremy Still Is Hanging Onto His Lead

(WOMR file photo) It appears that the ol Jimmie Johnson/Chad Knauss freight train is just hitting its Chase stride!  Jimmie Johnson had been very un-Jimmie Johnson-like on 1.5-mile ovals this season.  Thirty-three races into 2013, he had yet to win on tracks of that size. Then came Sunday’s AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway […]

Jeremy Lengthens His Lead!

(WOMR file photo) Martinsville is the only short track in the Chase. Notwithstanding that fact, and absent a road course, it (Martinsville) completes all the disciplines of the NASCAR season.  Martinsville also is the one place in the Chase that, because of it’s small size, and the fact that there are 43 cars trying to […]

Check Your Egos, Tempers, and Weapons At The Pit Gate: It’s Martinsville!

(WOMR file photo) With just four races left in this year, Jimmie Johnson has emerged as the Chase points leader.  That has got to be sending shivers up the spine of his closest competitor, and the points leader for the first six Chase races, Matt Kenseth. This week is the ultimate contrast in racing.  Last […]

Jeremy Maintains His Very Slim Lead!

(WORM file photo) Fear is a part of life.  You either run with it, or you run from it!   Many NASCAR race teams fear both Daytona and Talladega.  Their fear is that both of these two tracks, totaling four races during the season, could impose a catastrophic results for their championship hopes!  The fall […]

It’s Talladega, Baby!

(WOMR file photo) With just five races left in the Chase, and the season, NASCAR moves back into the deep South.  This Sunday is not just another race and race track, no sir. This week it is Talladega, baby!   It is the longest track that NASCAR visits during the season, a whopping 2.66 miles […]

Jeremy Stretches His Lead

(WOMR file photo) Well it finally happened, the 2013 Sprint Cup champ, “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski, won his first race of the season!  It only took the defending Sprint Cup champ 26 races to pull off the fete!  “Bad Brad” was the first of the non-Chasers to win a race in the final ten events […]

Is The Cup Half Full Or Half Empty?

(WOMR file photo) We have just passed the halfway point of this, the third, segment.  Are you optimistic or pessimistic regarding your chances to bring home the money? Ultimately, I guess, it would depend upon where you are sitting in the standings at this point.  Nevertheless, at this point in the segment most all of […]

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