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Well folks, Monday was a very long day!  

After having very little sleep Sunday night in my RV at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, mostly due to our neighbors deciding to to drink the rest of their 30 packs of 30 pack beer, yell, talk loud, and play music so loud that it could be heard all the way down to “the Strip” in Vegas, and generally being extremely obnoxious, Jason and I drove back to Fresno in the ol RV.  The 400 mile trip just seemed much longer than normal, due to the fatigue of the chauffeur!

Notwithstanding the problems of the RV driver and the editor of this web site, the standings in our fantasy league jumbled up a little after the Kobalt Tools 400.  Yours truly had another good Sunday by picking “Cousin Carl” Edwards, receiving 39 points for his 5th place finish, and taking over the lead in week three of the first segment.

With the first three races complete, now 1/4 of the way through segment one of the season, once again the fantasy league standings had some movement.  With my pick of Carl Edwards, and scoring 39 points for that effort, yours truly has climbed over Jimmy to stand at the top of the mountain this week!  For the first three races the leader, me, has averaged scoring 40.666 points per race.  That is a fast pace for segment one, however, can I maintain that pace for the next nine races?  Time will only tell!

Our former leader, Jim, has slid into second place.  After having two great weeks to start off the season, Jimmy picked ol Kylie Busch for The Kobalt Tolls 400 at Las Vegas.  But it wasn’t to be ol Kylie’s day at his hometown track.  Early in the race ol Kylie (aka The Las Vegas Weasel) got loose coming out of turn #4 and slid into the grassy area between the race track and pit entrance.  (All that action occurred right in front of my seat at LVMS)  With that pick of Kyle, Jim’s average score over the first three races has fallen to 37.666 per race.  Coincidentally Kyle’s spin occurred right in front of my seat at LVMS!

Edie is making a move into the top five!  She scored 33 points at Las Vegas with her pick “Big Daddy”, Jeff Gordon.  Her pick of Gordon has given her an average score of 36.666 over the first three races.

Marc has made a big surge after the race at LVMS.  Marc picked Jimmie Johnson, who had a very strong horse all day, picked up a nifty 43 points to launch himself up into fourth place in the standings.  For the first three races Marc has averaged 34.333 points per race.

Rounding out the top five for week three is a tie between Zee and Bernie.  Both of these veteran fantasy players have illustrated a little savvy in their picks so far this season.  Zee reaped a nice 43 points for her selection of “Mr. Five Time”, Jimmie Johnson, in The Kobalt Tools 400.  Likewise, Bernie has maintained her stature as a wiley, cunning fantasy player with her selection of Kevin Harvick and placing 34 points into her column!  Both of these ladies have now averaged an even 34 points per race so far in this segment!

Now looking forward, the boys travel to the Bristol Motor Speedway, “The Colosseum of Crash”, the high banked mixing bowl, or whatever the moniker that you want to assign this classic race track!  Nevertheless, next weekend’s race at Bristol will undoubtedly throw a monkey wrench into our fantasy league!  Just remember that we need to follow the old adage for Bristol, “when you walk through the gates of Bristol, check your feelings at the front gate”.  It is a known fact that Bristol will cause bruised egos, bent fenders, and some really crumpled up sheet metal that will have to assisted into the hauler by the tow truck!

Some drivers will only be able to bring back the steering wheel, the rest of the car will be a pile of mangled sheet metal!



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