Dale Earnhardt, Jr

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This week NASCAR travels to the deep South for the second restrictor plate race of the season, and the first time at Talladega for 2012. Since 1969, this track has been the source of some very exciting racing, as well as writing some very important pages in NASCAR history. Perhaps the most exhilarating story occurred in the Fall 2000 Talladega race, where Dale Earnhardt, Sr. came from 19th place with just a hand full of laps remaining to score, what was to be, his final victory!

After Dale, Jr.’s spectacular finish in the opening race of the the season, the 2012 Daytona 500, where he passed Greg Biffle, and was charging towards the eventual winner Matt Kenseth, one must consider the driver of the HMS #88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevy a heavy favorite.  In fact, seven players are of that mindset, and have chosen Junior as their clear choice to drive the ol #88 Chevy into Victory Lane Sunday.

Dale Earnhardt,Jr. the overwhelming choice Sunday

Those players who have chosen Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for Talladega are; Karen, Jason, Jeremy, Jim, Carolyn, Dawn, and Carlton!  (If I could have Dale, Jr. twice, I too, would pick him again for this resrtictor plate race.)  However, I chose Junior for Daytona, and got a tidy little sum of points!  The only other driver who has more than one player banking on him is Clint Bowyer, Jerry and David are holding their breath and rooting Bowyer on!  So that is nine of the seventeen players, and their choices.  The rest of us all have individual drivers, so that might shake things up again.

Jerry has a 19 point lead over Edie as we roll into Talladega.  Jerry’s pick is a former Talladega winner, Clint Bowyer, while Edie is “sticking with the Biff”!  Third place, yours truly, has selected to hang his hat on another former winner “Smoke”, Tony Stewart.

For positions 4-8, there are only a total of 8 points that separate those spots!  Therefore, Jim, Zee, Marc, Jeremy, and Bernie, respectively, may be swapping spots after Talladega!

As for the race to the bottom of the standings, David has a 10 point lead over Richard, and a 14 point lead over Karen.  It is looking fairly secure for David to run away with the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Award for the first segment!

Here are a few interesting Talladega track facts.

Remember, this is not just another race; This Is Talladega!



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