Juan Pablo Montoya

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Like poor ol Juan Pablo Montoya limping back to the pits after trying to knock down the fence in practice earlier this year at LVMS, some of us are licking our wounds from the first segment!  A few of the players stumbled right out of the gate, and have had great difficulty recovering in the remaining eleven races.

The one exception to that statement was Jerry.  He took a “whoppin” at Daytona, scoring just 5 points with Jeff Gordon.  In the next ten races he “opened up the can” an put a whoppin’ on the entire group of players!  With his pick of “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, it would appear that, absent the fact of Johnson crashing out on lap one, he has wrapped up the lead for segment one!

However, the second and third place finishes are still up for grabs!  Presently, Edie and Marc are tied for second place with 366 points.  Therefore, their picks for Charlotte are very important.  Edie has chosen Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for Charlotte.  In light of his strong run in all five segments for the All-Star race, Junior could give Edie a great finish to the first segment!  Marc has chosen Carl Edwards for Charlotte, another outstanding choice.  Notwithstanding the fact that Edwards’ engine blew up during the All-Star race, he will still be a very viable pick to win the Coca Cola 600.

Yours truly, is sitting just 3 points behind Edie and Marc in fourth place, lurking in the wings for a top three finish, grab some money, and end a successful segment!  My choice for Charlotte win is none other than “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski.  In light of the fact that he won the third segment by .006 seconds over Kasey Kahne, “Bad Brad” could get it done for me this Sunday night!

Meanwhile, just 3 points behind me in fifth place is Bernie.  Bernie, too, has chosen Jimmie Johnson for her winner at Charlotte.  She has  the opportunity to leap-frog over me, and possibly Ede and Marc, to grab some dough for this segment.  Also just one point behind Bernie is Scott.  Scott’s choice is a little longer shot, Ryan Newman.  The problem is that Newman’s team, like his boss Stewart, has been A very inconsistent in 2012.

Probably the last player that might have a shot at a money finish is Jeremy.  His selection for the race is Kasey Kahne, who missed wining a segment in the All-Star race to “Bad Brad” K by .006 seconds.

Now for the race for the prestigious “Boudreaux’s Butt Paste” award.  For most of this segment, David has had a stronghold on, and was firmly cemented into last place.  However, a couple of weeks ago Richard ran onto some hard times with his picks and supplanted David as the “cellar dweller”!  This the last race of the segment finds that there are only 4 points separating Richard and David.  So the run for the cellar, the “Boudreaux’s Butt Paste” award, will have some of us watching intently!

The good news is that this Sunday is the last race of this segment!

Good Luck to all!!!

I hope that all of you have taken a good look at the second segment picks, sheet 2 of the fantasy picks.  If you have not, please check out the picks to make sure that I have copied and uploaded your picks correctly.


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