Kasey Kahne

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Well sports fans the Coca Cola 600 has just ended with Kasey Kahne getting his first victory for Hendrick Motorsports this season.

Today’s number is three

This win for Kahne marks three wins for three different owners, in three different manufacturers, over the last three years, for Kahne.  He won at Infineon Raceway for Richard Petty Motorsports in a Ford, at Phoenix last November for Red Bull Racing in a Toyota, and tonight at Charlotte for Rick Hendrick in a Chevy!

Likewise the number three plays an integral part with the players tonight.  There were three players that picked Kahne as their driver for the Coca Cola 600.  Those lucky three players that had Kahne as their winning driver were, Karen, Jason, and Jeremy.  Lastly, the number three also was important to Jason in another fashion.  He was the biggest mover of this week, climbing up three positions in the standings.

As this segment draws to a close, here are the podium finishers, the money makers, the top three.

Even though Jerry started out the season picking Jeff Gordon at Daytona, and even though he only gathered 5 points out of the gate, nevertheless he came back with a vengeance, and smoked the rest of us,as well as the second place finisher by a whopping 31 points!  Jerry’s pick today was “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson.  Notwithstanding the fact that Johnson faltered towards the end of the race finishing eleventh, he gave Jerry 33 points for the day, and that allowed him to maintain his lead for this segment.  Jerry averaged scoring 36.25 points per race this segment.

That my friends, is what I call “a world class recovery” and a major butt whippin’ on the rest of us!

Barely hanging on to a second place finish was Edie, with the aid of 38 points from Dale Earnhardt, Jr’s sixth place finish.  Edie’s average for this segment was 33.66 points per race

And rounding out the top three finishers, just one slim point behind Edie, was yours truly!  I was able to secure the last of the money/podium finishes for this segment by having “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski and the 40 points he delivered at Charlotte.  My twelve race average was only slightly less than Edie, at 33.58 points per race.

Now for the prestigious Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Award

For most of this segment, our resident midget driver had a firm grip on The Boudreaux’x Butt Paste Award.  It looked like the only luck that David had was BAD!  That was until two races ago, when Richard stumbled upon some hard times in his picks. With David scoring two more points today than Richard did in the Coca Cola 600, that was enough to lock Richard into the cellar.  Therefore, our Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Award winner for the first segment is Richard,

We are now one third of the way through the race season, and slightly less than halfway through the “regular season”.  The second segment has some interesting tracks.  As the second segment begins to unfold, we will be able to weed out the contenders from the pretenders for the Chase.

It is now that time of the season that I can use one of my most favorite phrasesFor those teams that have faltered, stumbled, and have under-performed so far, “it is time to let the big dog eat”!


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