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Now that the sting is over for most of us from our lack of performance in segment #1, we get a fresh start Sunday for yet another 12 races!

This week NASCAR moves to Dover, Delaware for a race at “The Monster Mile”.  Looking over the picks for this week, they are are sort of all over the board.  If I were to divide the picks up into race teams, there are five picks from Joe Gibbs Racing, four for Kyle Busch and one for Hamlin.   Likewise, there are five picks for Hendrick Motorsports, two picks for “Mr. Five-Time”, Johnson, two picks for Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and one pick for Jeff Gordon.

There were four picks for Rousch-Fenway Racing, Two picks for Kenseth, and one pick each for Biffle and Edwards.  Michael Waltrip Racing got three picks, two of which are for Martin Truex, Jr. and one for Mark Martin.

The four players that have picked “The Las Vegas Weasel”, Kyle Busch are, Karen, Leon, Richard, and Carole.  The two players that have Dale Jr. as their choice are Zee and Marc.  The two players that have chosen Kenseth are, first segment winner Jerry, and the newby to the fantasy league, Dan.  Two players have put their trust for Dover in Martin Truex, Jr., that being Jeremy and Edie.  Additionally, Jimmie Johnson is carrying the hopes at Dover for Jason and Dawn.

All the rest of the players have individual choices for “The Monster Mile”, Sunday. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on David’s pick for Dover.  Notwithstanding the fact that, last Saturday night David started 15th at Ventura Raceway, in his Neverlift Motorsports “mighty midget”, in the A main and finished 3rd at the checkered flag.  Go David!!  However, his choice of Riggs for Dover signifies that he is already desperate, or he has devised a very new strategy that must be top secret!!

Check out the A Main video from Ventura.  Note that the wily old (67 years old) veteran, Wally Pankratz, is driving David’s other midget, starting outside front row, it too is black and grey.  Pankratz was leading the feature when he stalled it out trying to avoid a lapped car.  You will also see that David charged through the field and get a third place finish.  




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