Joey Logano

(WOMR file photo)

Even though this was Joey Logano’s second Sprint Cup career victory, it really was his first real win, leading 49 laps at the newly repaved Pocono Raceway.  His first victory was in a rain-shortened race at Louden back in 2009.

Sunday Jeremy and Jim scored the most points, moving up four positions each from last week, each scoring 41 points!  Both of them had selected “Smoke”, Tony Stewart, to be their Pocono hero.  There were five players who racked up 40 points each from their driver selections.  Richard, Marc, and Jason each had Denny Hamlin and received 40 points for their endeavor.  Jason maintained his lead by a very slim margin of 7 points. Marc jumped up three places in the standings to fall in behind Jason at second place.  Richard slithered up two places to 12th in the standings.

Carole and yours truly each garnered 40 points for our choice of “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson.  Each of us moved up two positions with that pick.  Carole is in a three-way tie for 12th place with Richard and yours truly!

Carolyn grabbed 38 points with the help of Matt Kenseth’s help.  Those 38 points helped her to move up three places to rest in 6th place.

The biggest mover of the week was last segment’s winner, Jerry, however, he plunged six spots in the standings with his pick of Jeff Gordon, scoring only 25 points this week.  Again on the negative side, Dawn fell three spots,from second place to fifth, with her selection of Jeff Gordon, as well.

Again this week I must highlight David and his really bizarre pick.  He selected a fellow dirt track phenom from the midget and sprint car circuit, Josh Wise.  As a side note, I gotta tell you that I have talked to Josh Wise back at Knoxville, Iowa a couple of years ago.  He is a class act as a driver.  All he wants to do is race, however, as he told me, “if you don’t have sponsorship money it is very difficult to get a good ride.  That is exactly what has happened to him in NASCAR, he drives for a very underfunded team.  Anyway, David got a smoking 2, count ’em 2 points at Pocono!!!

I believe that I can safely say that David has a huge leg up on the coveted “Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Award” this segment with his picks so far!!!

Next week is the fast and wide Michigan race track.  It will be very interesting who gains the bragging rights so close to Motown, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or Toyota!


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