Jeff Gordon

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It is that time of the season, whereby, the Sprint Cup teams make their trek to the heart of the wine country, Sears Point, Infineon, or now it is ust called Sonoma Raceway.  So does that mean that the NASCR fans, this weekend, change their choice of adult beverage from Budweiser to Pinot Noir or Cabernet?

Well there is one thing that is for sure, this weekend will test the drivers ability to turn both left and right, and brake in a straight line, rather than drive it deep into the turns before braking!  The cars will be running the road course in a clockwise fashion, rather than, as the Brits would say, “anti-clockwise”!  Additionally, the pit crew will be pitting the cars from the opposite site of the car.  These are just a few of the interesting problems that the crews must master this weekend.

With that thought in mind, will our picks for this road race look any different that last week or next week?

Let’s check it out:


Three players have chosen “Mr. Four-Time”, Jeff Gordon to win at Sonoma Raceway,  those three players are, Edie, Bernie, and yours truly.  Three players have also chosen Carl Edwards for Sonoma, Karen, Scott, and Dan.  Only two players have chosen Denny Hamlin, Zee and Carolyn.

The rest of the bunch, totaling nine players, all have different picks for Sonoma.  Once again, I must scrutinize our resident dirt tracker, David, and his choice for Sonoma.  His pick, J.J. Yeley is one heck of a dirt sprint car driver, however, I have yet to see his prowess as a road racer in NASCAR.  Does he know something that we do not know?

So I must ask you all, Pinot or Cabernet Sunday?


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