Wondering Through The Neon Garage

(WOMR file photo)

Last night, June 23, 2012, one of our players, my nephew Scott, married his high school sweetheart, Julie.  Very cool, you might be saying.  However, it only took them 25 years to tie the knot!  That may sound strange that it took so long, however, there were extenuating circumstances involved, like a silly marriage to other people that interfered!

Looking around at the reception I had this weird thought.  I realized that most all of the players in our Redneck Fantasy League were present at this wedding!  Is this a coincidence, or what???

Upon closed examination, I remembered that most of the Redneck Fantasy League is comprised of our family members, thereby possibly leading to this reason.


Speaking of “family members”, I had a long conversation with one of my other nephews, Dan Bandy.  Dan is the latest to join in our game of “Working On My Redneck” with The Redneck Fantasy League!  He made a very interesting, and extremely “redneck” observation to me about the proceedings Saturday night.

Dan relayed to me that he came to observe his “cousins” wedding reception.  I said to him cousins, plural, no apostrophe, as in possession???  Plural was the response!  He said that the bride was his cousin, and I knew Scott was his cousin!  Then I remembered that the bride, Julie, was his 3rd cousin on his father’s side, the Bandy/Allison side, and of course Scott is Dan’s first cousin on his Mother’s/Hammack side!

So, for Dan, it was his cousin marrying his other cousin!!!  Redneck???????

Upon further review, Scott and Julie’s wedding has really added clarity, and yes, strengthened the redneck roots in the family tree.   The trunk has gained both, girth, height and strength!  However, one must really climb far up the trunk before you will be able to find, what may remotely resemble, any branches at all in that tree!!

Additionally, this wedding has really added new meaning and clarity to both of my web sites, “Working On My Redneck”, and especially to our fantasy league site, “The Redneck Fantasy League”!  And you thought that we weren’t just one big happy family!


Good luck to Scott and Julie, and their families.  God bless you all!

P.S.  I know that some of you are wondering just how the picture of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s Neon Garage sign works into this post??  Well, last night Scott was officially welcomed into, and got the keys to, “The Neon Garage”!


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