Clint Bowyer

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Clint Bowyer and Michael Waltrip Racing have silenced the nay-sayers today with a victory in the heart of California’s wine country, Sonoma Raceway.  Bowyer dominated this road course, leading 71 laps Sunday.

The top scoring players today were Jerry and Dawn, each scoring 42 points.  Jerry was bold enough to pick the troubled and foul-mouthed Kurt Busch.  Busch and his little Phoenix Racing team finished in third place.  Meanwhile, “Smoke”, Tony Stewart passed Busch with just a few laps to go gaining him a second place finish, also garnering 42 points.  Because Busch lead a lap, he grabbed a valuable bonus point today at Sonoma.

Bernie, Edie, and yours truly all picked “Mr. Four-Time, Jeff Gordon, and for that pick we each soured 39 points.  The next highest scorers were Jeremy and Jim, each scoring 37 points.

Biggest shakers and movers


After the race at Sonoma Raceway, the fantasy league standings looks like all the players were put into a blender and the power switch got stuck on high!

This week there were two in the biggest mover category.  The biggest mover in the positive category was Jerry, moving up five places to rest in 10th  place.  Joining Jerry in moving 5 places was Richard, unfortunately Richard fell five places to end up in 16th place.

Two players moved four places this afternoon.  Dawn rose four places to climb into second place this week.  Conversely, Carolyn fell four places to now reside in 9th place.  Likewise, Zee fell four spots to now hold down 14th place.

Three players moved three places in the standings.  Two players moved positively.  Edie moved up three positions to the 11th position.  Today, Jeremy moved up three places to rocket into the lead for the first time this year.  Meanwhile, Dan, who cornered me at Scott’s wedding wondering why I haven’t written anything about his fortunes, plummeted three spots to reside now in a tie for 6th place.

After looking at the results Sunday, the only people who did not move in the standings this week were, Karen, Scott, Carole, and our resident dirt tracker, and the man who firmly has control of last place, David.

Next week is a Saturday night race at Kentucky.  That being a night race, it should enhance the ambience of the fast 1 1/2 mile race track!


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