Brad Keselowski

(WOMR file photo)

Just as “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski showed off his muscle Saturday night at Kentucky, Dawn has muscled her way onto the top of the leader board this week!  Even though she did not score the most points for the Kentucky race, her pick was Kyle Busch, who yielded just 36 points. Nevertheless, it was enough to propel her into the lead with a 4 point cushion.

The shakers and the movers

Once again, because of the tightness of the standings, all but four players moved around in the standings.  However, the biggest movement was seen by Edie.  She plunged six places in the standings from 11th place last week, to 17th place this week.  Edie’s choice of Ryan “The Rooket” Newman only yielded 10 points for her Saturday night!

The player who scored the most points for Kentucky was Jerry.  His pick of Denny Hamlin gave him a nice 42 point return on his investment!

If nobody noticed who scored the least amount of points Saturday night, let me announce that it was no big surprise!  Even though David can “wheel” a midget around a dirt track with finesse, his second segment selections still water my eyes!  It seems that David had chosen another very good “open wheeler” as his choice for Ketucky.  However, Mike Bliss is only running for the points championship in the Nationwide series, and was not awarded any points for the Sprint Cup race.  Therefore, our resident “throttle jockey” set a new fantasy league record!  David came out of Kentucky logging a huge goose egg, a big zero into his totals!

The next race is another night race, the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona!  Go Junior!

For the four players who are not family members, and may not have heard the news, Saturday my mother answered the long distance phone call from God.  You all know that is the one that we, as family members, dread. Anyway in God’s infinite wisdom, he decided it was time for my Mom to go home to be with my Day and older brother.

Go rest high on that mountain, Mom!  Your work here on Earth is now all done!  May you rest in peace forever.  Your light will forever shine down on your family!


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