Tony Stewart

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The Coke Zero 400 is in the books, with the 2011 Sprint Cup champion, Tony Stewart, logging his third victory of the season.  The race was very mundane for the first 110 laps. However, as the race progressed, the drivers found out that they couldn’t play well with each other!  The last 35 laps turned into a destruction derby, leaving very few cars in position to drive back onto their haulers!

Movers and shakers


Once again, there was a lot of movement within the standings this week.  Everyone, with the exception of Dawn, Karen, and David, exchanged positions in the standings.  Three players had a very rotten week, choosing Jimmie Johnson, who finished 36th.  That culminated in only getting 8 points for their efforts at Daytona!

Conversely, Zee was the big scorer this week, picking the winner, “Smoke”, and receiving 47 points for her efforts.

The player who took the biggest hit was Bernie.  Her selection of “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, rewarded her with 8 lousy points this week!  With that results, Bernie sank like the Titanic, loosing five spots in the standings to rest in 12th place.

Plummeting four places in the standings, as well, was Carlton and Marc.  Carlton now sits in 17th place, one spot above our “cellar dweller”, David.  Additionally, Marc stumbled four places, landing in sixth place.  Everyone else moved up or down a maximum of two places, with the exception for the three previously mentioned of Dawn, Karen, and David.

Just as a side note: David was not the lowest scoring player this week!  He actually scored 20 big ones this week!  Nevertheless, he still has a very firm grip on the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste award!

This was the half-way point of the second segment, therefore, you should start contemplating your possible third segment choices soon.

Next week, NASCAR moves up the East coast to the New England area of Louden, NH for their venue.


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