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Well gang, NASCAR makes its second run at Pocono this weekend.  It is nicknamed “The Tricky Triangle” because of its distinctive configuration.  Quite interestingly, it was designed by former Indy 500 Roger Ward.


Defining Pocono


There a three very distinctive turns, and the longest straight away on the NASCAR circuit.  Turn #1 is modeled after the now defunct Trenton Speedway in NJ with a banking of 14 degrees, the Champ Cars used to race there in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  Turn #2, the tunnel turn, is modeled after the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a banking of 9 degrees.  And finally, turn #3 is modeled after The Milwaukee Mile, with banking of just 6 degrees.

Therein lies the reason for the nickname, “The Tricky Triangle”. As previously noted, there are three distinctive turns, with three distinctive straight-aways that comprise this racing facility! Therefore because of that design quirk, there are always compromises in the setups, no turn, nor straight-away is the same banking or length!  That poses problems for the shock setup and the gearing setup, as well!

For an interesting look at the history and statistical points of interest about Pocono Raceway, follow this link!


The Pocono Picks


The largest vote-getter this week is Denny Hamlin.  The four players that are riding copilot with the FedEx #11 Toyota are Jeremy, Scott, Bernie, and Dawn.

Second, behind Hamlin in player confidence this week is Greg Biffle.  There are three players that decided “to stick with the Biff”, Edie, Zee, and yours truly, Leon!.

Both Kevin Harvick and “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski have two players banking on their success at Pocono.  The Harvick copilots for Sunday are Jason and Carole.  The two that are hanging with “Bad Brad” are Jerry and Dan.

The rest of the seven players are “all in business for themselves”!

In case you are wondering what relevance the above picture has to this article, I might just remind you who has just taken over the Sprint Cup points lead this week!  It is the first time that he has been in that position since 2004.  In fact the last time he was the points leader he had only half of his present number, just an 8!  Now he has two 8’s–88!


That would be JUNIOR!!


Just as a reminder I need your third segment picks NLT August 12th.  Additionally, refer to the email that I sent out, dated July 30, setting forth the new procedure for uploading your pick to me.

Good Luck!



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