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The finish of this race, The Finger Lakes 355, at Watkins Glen International was, without a doubt, the most exciting finish to a road course that I have ever witnessed!  It was reminiscent of a couple of top fuel dragsters smoking their tires, getting off the gas, then back on the gas, smoking the tires once again, and back in the gas hard!

The man from down under, Tazmania as a matter of fact, Marcos Ambrose, with just sixteen laps to go, drove the wheels off of his Richard Petty #9 DeWalt Ford.  As it turned out, Ambrose battled door knob to door knob with “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski, and ol Kylie Busch, better known as TLVW (The Las Vegas Weasel).

For those of you who maybe do not watch the entire race, you really missed a truly exciting and entertaining finish!


We have a new leader


Stop me if you have heard this before, Jerry has systematically maneuvered himself into the lead with just two more races left in the segment!  He lurched into the lead with his selection of the race winner, Marcos Ambrose, he racked up 47 points.  Sounds like a broken record.


Movers and shakers


At the end of The Finger Lakes 355 at The Glen, there were five players that scored big time! Karen, Leon, Jeremy, Jerry, and Dawn, (courtesy of The Dinger getting suspended and getting to re-pick) all picked Ambrose to win, and subsequently scored 47 points!

The next highest scoring players are Zee, with Johnson getting 41 points, followed by Carolyn with Bowyer giving her 40 points, Scott and Carlton got 39 points from Kyle Busch.

The single biggest mover this week was Carole.  With her pick of Juan Pablo Montoya, the pole sitter, and his subsequent left front trailing arm failure, contributed to her scoring a whopping 12 points!  Unfortunately for her, the large accelerated movement was in the direction of the cellar, losing four places in the standings!  She now rest comfortably in 16th place.

Scott, on the other hand, climb up three places in the standings scoring 39 points with his pick of Kyle Busch.

Everyone else in the standings moved either one or two places, up or down, with the exception of Zee, and of course, David!

With just two races left in this segment there are many places in the standings that are still being contest, with the exception of “The Bouderaux’s Butt Paste Award”.  The last place is solidly David’s to have and to hold!

Next week NASCAR makes is second, and last, trip to the Michigan International Speedway. With the speeds that we saw just a few weeks ago at that facility, it will be very interesting to see if my main man, JUNIOR, can repeat as the victor.

 GO # 88



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