Greg Biffle

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It looked like Jimmie Johnson had the Pure Michigan 400 victory all locked up in the closing laps Sunday, and further pad his lead in the 2012 Sprint Cup points.

However, on lap 195 the totally unforeseen happened!  With just five laps to go, the Hendrick Motorsports #48 Lowe’s Chevy developed engine trouble, most likely valve spring failure.  That mechanical issue forced Johnson to take his car to the garage, and the team was forced to settle for 27th place.

The end results of Johnson’s engine failure was a green-white-checkered.  Greg Biffle led the pack for the restart to the green flag.  “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski was the only car that had a possible chance of mounting a challenge to Biffle in the 2 lap sprint to the checkered flag.

But it was not to be!  Sunday, Greg Biffle brings home the victory in the Pure Michigan 400, and thereby, climbs back into the Sprint Cup points lead!


The movers and shakers


Karen and Jim were the two players who picked the winner, and were “sticking with The Biff” all the way on Sunday.  For that pick of Biffle, and scoring 47 points, Karen propelled herself up three positions in the standings to rest in 8th place.

Notwithstanding Karen’s picking of the winner and moving up three places, the biggest mover Sunday was Dan.  However, Dan’s movement was in the direction of David, and his extremely secure position as “The Redneck Fantasy League cellar dweller”!  Recapping Dan’s choice of “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, and reviewing the second paragraph of this post, all will remind us all that Johnson’s engine expired on lap 195, and thus, only gave Dan 18 points today.  Therefore, Dan plummeted five places, falling into 11th place.

Once again, 14 out of the 18 players changes places after Sunday’s race.  The four players that remained in their perspective positions were our first and second place players, Jerry and Dawn respectively, and the two who are at the bottom of the todem pole, Carole and David!!

With just one race to go in this segment, and now paying for the top five places when this segment is done, there are at least 8-10 players that have a legitimate shot of pocketing some second segment money!

Good luck to all in the final segment race at “The Colosseum of Crash”, Bristol Motor Speedway!  This race has the real potential to drastically change the final outcome of the second segment standings.


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