Denny Hamlin

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Denny Hamlin secures his third victory of the season by winning the Irwin Tools 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday night.  Hamlin has all but locked himself into the Chase, via either the wild card, or he could possibly slip into 10th place, with a little help by a couple of faltering drivers.

Shakers and movers


Speaking about faltering, Jerry had Carl Edwards for the race in Bristol Saturday night. Unfortunately, Edwards ran out of gas with just a handful of laps remaining in the race, finishing in 27th place, and only rewarding Jerry with 23 points.  Therein lies one of the reasons that Jerry slipped out of the lead, and into second place.

On the other hand, Dawn had all her marbles riding on Martin Truex, Jr. at Bristol.  Truex’s 11th place gave Dawn 34 points on the last race of this segment, and that allowed her to surge past Jerry, and into the lead by a very slim margin of 3 points!

Jeremy and Jim had a sufficient lead to maintain their respective positions of third and fourth to finish out this segment status quo.

Now the biggest mover this week was Zee.  She had picked Jeff Gordon, and thus, she scored the most points of all of the players this week.  The 41 points she scored with Jeff Gordon moved her up five slots in the points, and landed her firmly in the money, landing her in fifth place!

The player that was the second biggest mover this week was Carolyn.  Unfortunately, Carolyn picked “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowdki, who did not have a good night at Bristol.  “Bad Brad” was involved in a race mishap and ended up with a 30th place finish. That 30th place finish only rewarded Carolyn with 14 points, and plummeted her three places to 12th place.

So here is how the top five podium finishers for the second segment:

1.   Dawn-—–428 pts———35.6666 race average

2.   Jerry——425 pts———-35.4166 race average

3.   Jeremy—422 pts———-35.1666 race average

4.   Jim——–416 pts———-34.6666 race average

5.   Zee——–398 pts———-33.1666 race average

Congratulations to those five players!

Now for the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Award.  

The Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Award is given out at the end of the segment to the player who exhibits the inability to pick the drivers who, on any given Sunday, may reward said player with a good finish, thus a good score.

There is now small surprise that David ran away and hid in the cellar this segment!  His picks rewarded him with a whopping 116 points!  Or in another way to summarize his second segment endeavor, he averaged 9.6666 points per race……….SMOKING!

So the second segment has come to a close.  With the close of the second segment, Dawn, Jerry, Jeremy, Jim, and Zee, it is time to get your “gold on the ceiling”!


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