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It is Labor Day weekend, the official end to the 2012 summer.  I am in the heart of wine country this weekend, Calistoga, CA, for a two day show of midgets and sprint cars.  Saturday night was the opening night of this very prestigious race track, the surface was tacky, and lightening fast. However, because of the tackiness, the racing groove was somewhat narrow.

The “under card” of the show, the USAC midgets, was very interesting.  To see these approximately 850 pound screaming midgets on the half mile track will water your eyes!

The Redenck Fantasy League resident midget driver, David Prickett, had both of his midgets in the race last night.  Both he and his team mate, Connor Kassik, started out about mid-pack in the main event, David 10th and Connor 11th.  During the race, David suffered a mechanical issue, a broken bolt that attaches the “Jacob’s ladder” to the right side of the axel to the frame rail.  For your edification, the Jocob’s ladder adds stability to the side to side action that the axel experiences in the turn.

Despite the mechanical issue for, David he still moved forward finishing in 7th place, and Connor finished in 9th.  Tonight, is the second night of racing, with a bigger payday for both the midgets and sprint car winners.

After talking to David this morning, he has fixed the problem.   Additionally, tonight he is hoping to qualify much better, thereby, starting the main up front.  It is my opinion that If David can put down a lightening fast qualifying lap this evening, start up front, then, our man could lead the pack to the checkered flag tonight!  Show me the money!

Good Luck, David!

Go fast, turn left, and drive it like you stole it!


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