2009 Daytona 500 022

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This week NASCAR rolls int the Granite State, Louden, N.H.  The forecast is for Friday through Sunday is for some simply fantastic temperatures, that is, if you like 73-78 degrees for the weekend.

Even though the temperatures are going to mellow at Louden, the competition from the racing is going to heat up to the boiling point.  With the win last Sunday at Chicagoland Speedway, “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski comes to the “magical mile” of the New Hampshire International Speedway now atop the points lead.  That puts a giant bulls-eye on the rear deck lid of his Penske Racing #2 Miller Lite Dodge!

Our Louden Picks

It is Wednesday, and as usual, it is time to analyze our weekend picks for Louden.  After looking over our picks for this Sunday, we have a very wide selection choices to win.  Let’s break down the list of our choices for Sunday.

The two drivers that are the favored picks, with three players putting faith in their abilities, are Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth.  Leon, Edie, and Richard “The NASCAR Picker” have selected Jeff Gordon to rally this weekend, after his horrendous finish at Chicagoland last week.  The threesome who have Matt Kenserth holding their collective Louden future in his hands are, Zee, Jerry, and Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit”.

Three more drivers have a duo of players that are banking that their man will bring them some “gold on the ceiling”!  “Mr Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, has Carolyn and Jeremy rooting him on for his first win in this season’s Chase races.    Meanwhile, Scott and Carole have selected the perennial NASCAR Chase choke driver, Kyle Busch, as their winner for Louden,  Finally, Jim and Carlton have selected the other Joe Gibbs Racing driver that is in the Chase, Denny Hamlin, to show ’em the fast way around the magical mile at Louden.

For the other 1/3 of the players, you all have independent selections.

After three races, in this the third segment, the race for the third segment lead is tight, and very heated!  There are eleven (11) players that are within 23 points of the leader, Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit”!  That number, eleven, is almost 2/3 of the players in the fantasy league!  Therefore, I am confident that there will be more movement in the standings after the race at Louden.

Good luck to all this weekend!

Twelve drivers, nine races, one championship, who will be the last man standing?


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