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It is time for race number four in the Chase.

Jim and I have gotten all settled in our hotel, and even made a run over to the Talladega race track Thursday afternoon.  Additionally, we made a run over to a Bass Pro Sports in Leeds,AL for the NASCAR hauler parade, today.  It was a quite interesting afternoon.  We talked to a few of the hauler drivers, got their prospective on driving the hauler, and how they react with their driver.

Anyway, it is time to check out our picks for Talladega.  This will be the third fall Talladega race that I have gotten to watch from the grandstands.  I will tell your that if you ever get the opportunity to get to Talladega, do not ever pass it up!  After all this is not just another race, this is TALLADEGA!


Our Talladega Picks


It is no surprise that the single biggest vote getter for our picks is Dale Earnhardt, Jr.!  There are five (5) players hoping that JUNIOR can regain the restrictor plate prowess that he had at the beginning of this century.  Those five players are; yours truly, Leon “The Sheriff”, Richard “The NASCAR Picker”, Jason, Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit”, and Dawn.

Jeff Gordon has three players hanging their collective hats on his success at Talladega this weekend.  Those individuals are Scott, Jim, and Carlton.  Additionally, “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, has the full hope, and support, of Karen, Carole, and Edie Sunday afternoon.

There are two drivers that have two players each betting on the the come line.  Jerry and Jeremy are rooting for the Miller Lite beer wagon driven by “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski to sweep the races at Talladega this season.  Lastly, Carolyn and Marc are really pulling for “the other beer wagon”, driven by Kevin Harvick.

For the remaining players, they are, obviously, in business for themselves!

So we will be watching, both the Trucks and the Sprint Cup races, this weekend from high above the track.  Our seats are just past the tri-oval, about straight across from the #4 pits box near pit exit, in the OV Hill South Tower, and about fifty feet from the spotters stand at Talladega.weekend!

So I guess that I will truly see you at the races this weekend!

And remember, this is not just another race, this is TALLADEGA!!



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