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With the Good Sam’s Road Assistance 500 now in the history books, and Tony Stewart causing “the big one” on the last lap, when he moved down to block the big run that Michael Waltrip and Casey Mears had on him.  Stewart only took out 20 really good race cars with his moronic move on the last lap, in the middle of turns three and four!

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Stewart irate at Brian Vickers for blocking him last year at Sonoma?  Did Smoke vow to wreck anyone who would be guilty of blocking the Three-Time Champ?  So Tony, you have been the most outspoken person about blocking, what is your justification now?

Everytime that Stewart has gotten blocked over the last two seasons, he has vowed to wreck the driver that blocks him again.  Hmmm, are you living a double standard, “Smoke”?

Well, once the dust settled in Talladega, and all the carnage was hoisted up on the rollbacks, some of us took some sizable hits in the standings.


Movers and Shakers


The biggest mover Sunday was Carlton, gaining 43 points with the selection of Jeff Gordon for his Talladega pick.  Carlton rocket up in the standings six (6) places, now positioned firmly in third place.

For Dan, who just happened to pick this week’s winner, Matt Kenseth, he was rewarded with 47 points.  Those 47 points enabled Dan to launch up the standings five (5) spots to land in seventh (7) place.

The largest drop in the standings happened to Richard “The NASCAR Picker”.  With his choice of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and only garnering 25 points, Richard “The NASCAR Picker”, plummeted five (5) positions in the standings falling to ninth place.

Additionally, the former second segment winner, Dawn, fell three (3) places.  Dawn, too, had Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and with Junior gathered up in Stewart’s moronic crash, she received just 25 points Sunday.

Next week NASCAR moves northeast about 400 miles to the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  We can all take a collective breath and rest much easier, now that the last restrictor plate race has concluded!

PS You just gotta love the way that Kevin James lit those engines with his start engine command!


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