Clint Bowyer

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Everybody wants to win a home game!  Unfortunately, when NASCAR returns to race at Charlotte, all 43 race teams view it as their home game.  Nevertheless, only one of the 43 race teams can claim a home track victory.  Saturday night the Michael Waltrip Racing #15 5Hour Energy Toyota, driven by Clint Bowyer, was that lucky victorious home race team!


Movers and Shakers


None of the players were able to pick the winner of the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte.

Nevertheless, there were two players who moved the greatest number of positions in the standings so far this season!  Both Jeremy and Carlton fell like a bag of streamline dog poop falling out of orbit!  Carlton and Jeremy plummeted nine (9) places in the standings after the Bank of America 500.  Carlton and Jeremy had Dale Earnhardt, Jr as their selection, thus only scoring six (6) microscopic points.  Jeremy fell all the way to 13th place!  Carlton landed only one spot higher than Jeremy, he rests in 12th place.

Three players moved up four (4) places in the standings.  Dan was banking on Kyle Busch, his reward was thirty nine (39) points, and is now resting in 3rd place.  Richard “The NASCAR Picker” was “sticking with The Biff”, grabbed  forty one (41) points, and he now sits in 5th place.  Likewise, Jerry, who had his fortunes riding with Jimmie Johnson, scored forty two (42) points, ratcheted himself up four places in the standings, and resides in 10th place.

Bernie and Karen each moved three (3) places.  Bernie, with her choice of Jimmie Johnson scored forty two (42) points, and thereby climbed three (3) places. She now holds down 6th place.  Karen, with her choice of Dale Earnhardt, Jr,, and the whopping six (6) points scored, fell three positions to secure 15th place, all by herself!

There were five players who held firm in their station from last week.  Those five players include our leader, Jim, the second place holder, Carolyn, yours truly hanging on to 16th place, Carole holding 17th place, and despite the fact that he scored 35 points, David is still “the cellar dweller”!

Next week NASCAR moves the show to the newly repaved Kansas Speedway.

Good luck to all!

Twelve drivers, five races, one championship, who will be the last man standing?


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