Matt Kenseth

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Matt Kenseth survived banging into the fence, and secured the victory in the Hollywood Casino 400.  He was not alone, many of the drivers did their absolute best to knock down the fences at the newly repaved Kansas Speedway!  For a new repave, there was more than just one racing groove, the drivers were very aggressive, short on patience, heavy on their right foot, and hanging their car out to the very edge!  Some could reign in their cars, however, many drivers redefined the aerodynamic properties of their race cars by trying, very diligently, to redefine the shape of the mile and a half race track!


Movers and Shakers


From our standpoint, the Hollywood Casino 400 “laid the wood” to nine players, that is half of our group!  Those nine players, who either were “Sticking with The Biff”, riding with ol Kylie Busch, or rooting for Newman, notwithstanding the fact that Newman punted the said Busch, scored 17 points or less Sunday. Nevertheless, there were not large wholesale bulk changes in the standings.  Just a few subtle ones.

The two biggest movers in the standings this week are Scott and Carlton.  Scott’s movement was the results of “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski’s good finish of eighth place, giving Scott 36 points, and landing him in seventh (7) place.  Carlton scored 36 points as well, however, his success was on the back of “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson.  Carlton now is poised in eighth (8) place.

There were four players that moved three places in the standings this week.  Carole, our highest scorer of  the week, grabbed 41 points as a results of Kasey Kahne’s fourth place finish.  With those 41 points, Carole moved up three places, now holding down position number fourteen!

On the negative side of the movement scale, we have three players who have excelled on that measurement.  Dan, Jerry, and Marc all fell three places this week.  Dan was one of the many players who were “Sticking with The Biff” this week, and he too, ate the big one!  Those 17 points has taken him off of the podium for right now.  Marc and Jerry both were riding with TLVW (The Las Vegas Weasel), ol Kylie Busch.  Kylie had a blocking issue with Ryan Newman, as a result Newman punted KyBu, and also got collected in that same wreck.

As I mentioned above, Carole was the biggest shaker, scoring 41 points!  Both Zee and Richard “The NASCAR Picker” logged 39 points Sunday.  Lastly, Scott, Dawn, and Carlton were the third highest scoring players, grabbing 36 points each at Kansas.

Next weekend NASCAR moves to it’s shortest race track on the schedule, Martinsville.  If I was a betting man, I would put big money on some paybacks being administered at Martinsville!  There was some drop-kicks, punts, and sheet metal rubbing that has occurred in the last few weeks at the higher speed tracks.  Now that NASCAR is moving to one of the slowest speed tracks on the circuit, it just stands to reason that retribution-time is at hand at Martinsville!

With just four races left in the Chase and the season, time is running out for “the contenders”.  If your driver has anything for “em, it is time to show your hand!  With that in mind, it is time now for me to use one of my most favorite sayings.

“It is time to let the big dog eat!”


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