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It is Wednesday, mid week, and it is time to look at our picks for race number seven in the 2012 Chase.  This week NASCAR is at is smallest and slowest track on the circuit, the paper clip, Martinsville.  This race could be as action packed as the races at Bristol.  This could be the last time for retribution to be dealt out without really hurting anyone!!  I predict that there will be some bruised egos, some lost tempers, possibly a t trip to “The NASCAR Trailer” for a driver or two, and definitely some crumpled up piles of sheet metal at the end of the day that will have to be scooped into their respective haulers!

Let’s see, does Landon Cassill owe one to the flamboyant Go girl, Danica Patrick, after she failed at “attempted” crashing Cassill?  How about ol Kylie blocking Newman and then Newman stuck KyBu in the fence?  Those are just a couple of possibilities of off the top of my head!  Who knows there may be some other hostilities that have been brewing since that last dose of retribution was administered!  I can guarantee that everyone will not necessarily play nice with each other this weekend!


Let’s take a look at our picks


The two favored drivers this weekend at Martinsville, each having three players picking them to win at Martinsville, are Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick.  The three players who are rolling the dice for Harvick are Karen, Edie, and Carole.  I guess even though Harvick is married with an infant, he is a chick magnet this weekend!  The three players that are riding along with Bowyer, and drinkinrg the 5Hour Energy Drink, are Jim, Jason, and Carlton.

There are three drivers that have two players each rooting them on to Victory Lane, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, and Jeff Gordon.  Jeff Gordon is carrying Marc and Jeremy on his back, and trying to end their hunger for a win.  While the hopes of Zee and Jerry are strapped in Carl Edwards race car.  Lastly, when you absolutely, positively gotta get something delivered quickly, both Dawn and yours truly, hope that the FedEx Toyota driven by Denny Hamlin will be delivered in to Victory Circle Sunday!

Once again, the other 1/3 of the players have individual picks, and therefore, are in ‘bidnez for demselves’!


One suggestion for all of the drivers; please check your feelings, egos, and weapons at the pit gate!!!



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