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As the entire NASCAR series, Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and the Trucks, roll into the heart of Texas, the Texas Motor Speedway, for race number eight in the Chase, that can only mean that there are three races left in the 2012 season, and the race for the Chase tightens up!

It appears that the Chase has turned into a four horse race, with “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowdki, Denny Hamlin, and Kasey Kahne, being the only drivers that have a realistic chance to “get some gold on the ceiling”!

It is Wednesday, and therefore, it’s time to expose our picks for the race in Texas!

The bulk of the players have partnered up with one or more players in there picks for this weekend. So let’s look at the breakdown of who’s who in the Redneck Fantasy League!


The Texas Picks


This week the most popular driver, with three players riding in his copilot seat, is Kasey Kahne.  Obviously Zee, Marc, and yours truly, Leon, are looking for an insurance quote from Framer”s Insurance, Kahens’ primary sponsor!  Either that or we are all closet actors, hoping for a roll in one of those cool University of Farmer’s Insurance commercials!

There are five (5) drivers that have two players each betting the farm on their success Sunday.  The drivers’, in alphabetical order, that have a small fan club of two amongst the players are; Kyle Busch (TLVW, The Las Vegas Weasel), “Cousin” Carl Edwards, “Mr Four-Time“, Jeff Gordon, Matt “The Brat” Kenseth, and “Smoke”, Tony Stewart.

Jim and Jason are betting that TLVW, KyBu, will upset the “Chasers” and bring home a victory to the Joe Gibbs Racing camp Sunday.

Similarly, Both Scott and Edie are hoping that another “non-Chaser”, Carl Edwards, will be able to drive his car into the winners circle Sunday.

Carole and “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, on the other hand, are hoping that “Mr. Four-Time”, Jeff Gordon will pull off an upset win, and help end hunger.

Jeremy and “Richard The NASCAR Picker” are hoping that the Roush-Fenway Racing lame duck driver, Matt “the Brat” Kenseth, can wheel his Ford into victory lane just one more time before he moves over to the Joe Gibbs Racing stables.

Lastly, Jerry and Carlton are hoping that “where there is smoke, there is fire”, and Stewart sitting in the middle of a victory celebration!  That was almost the case a few weeks ago at Talladega, when “Smoke” took out 25 perfectly good race cars, doing what he abhors others to do……..blocking other cars!!!!  He was sitting in the middle of 25 crumpled plies sheet metal in turn #4, he missed the victory celebration!!  

Sorry about your little car, Tony!

Again for the other five players, you all are in “bidnez” for yourselves!!

Good luck to all!


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