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The AAA Texas 500, from the Texas Motor Speedway, Sunday, was a two lap, green-white-checker, old fashioned gun-slinging, shootout between the points leader, “Mr.Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson, and “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski!  Having run almost the half of the race without a caution, in the latter staqes of the race, the last 59 laps or so, was cautioned plagued.  The yellow flags cranked up the drama level significantly for Johnson, Keselowski, Kyle Busch (TLVW), “Mr. Four-Time”,Jeff Gordon, and Clint Bowyer.  “Bad Brad” and “Mr Five-Time” banged doors, slid sideways, and drove the wheels off of their respective race cars.  In face of tremendous adversity, Johnson prevailed on the last restart to secure the win, remain the points leader, and ultimately increase his lead to seven (7) points with just two races left.

For one of our players, Clint Bowyer was very a very rewarding selection.  Bowyer’s 6th place finish yielded Carolyn, our current leader, 38 points, and thereby, allowing her to maintain a very slim one (1) point lead over Jim, with just two races left in the season!


Movers and Shakers


The largest mover from this week’s Sprint Cup race, AAA Texas 500 was Zee.  Her pick of Kasey Kahne contributed only 19 points to her segment three totals.  With those seemingly miniscule points in her column, Zee plummeted five (5) places in the standings, landing in 10th place, falling kind of like the proverbial pile of streamlined CRAP out of orbit!

The second biggest mover of this weekend was JasonJason had selected Kyle Busch (TLVW) to perform for him at Texas, and perform KyBu did.  KyBu sliced his way through the field and finished the race in third place, giving Jason 42 points.  Those 42 points catapulted Jason up the standings four (4) places, now resting in 6th place!

Lastly, Jeremy and Marc were the next biggest movers.  Jeremy scored 41 points with the selection of, the soon to be driver of the JGR #20 Toyota in 2013, Matt “The Brat” Kenseth.  Those 41 points that Jeremy scored, moved him up nicely three (3) places, landing him firmly into 8th place.  Marc, on the other hand, fell three places.  Marc, like yours truly, selected Kasey Kahne for Texas, and was rewarded with the least amount of points scored among the players, 19 skinny points!  With that score, Marc fell three places to 12th place.

The top four players, as well as the bottom two players, did not budge from their respective spots.  However, the other twelve players giggled around somewhat in the standings.

With just two races left in this season, and this segment, there are a few slots that are hotly contested.  The difference between first place and second in just one thin point!  Additionally, the point difference from 4th place through 10th place is just 12 points!  Since 4th and 5th place are money paying spots, there seven (7) players that have a very legitimate shot at 4th or 5th place, and some moola, $$$$$$$$!!

Next week NASCAR, as well as Jim and yours truly, roll into Phoenix International Raceway for a little “Valley of The Sun” racing!  We will be watching the Trucks, Nationwide, Sprint Cup, and the K&N West races from high above turn one in the Allison Tower!  Hopefully, I will be able to gather up some more great photos, as well as some videos for my web sites!

See you at the track!

My advise to Jimmie Johnson: “Just hold on loosely, but don’t let go!”  (.38 Special)


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