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Well, the 2012 Redneck Fantasy League has concluded another really fun NASCAR season!

I was looking over all the picks and stats from all three segments, here are a few interesting notes!


High Scores


Carolyn scored the most points, and was the biggest winner for any segment, when she won the third segment with 446 points.  That is an average of 37.16 points per race!  She had a 12 point margin over the second place finisher, Jim.  Jerry scored 435 points winning the first segment, after only scoring 5 points in the Daytona 500. That is an average of 36.25 points per race. Jerry’s victory margin over second place was gigantic, 31 points over Dawn.  He put a whoopin’ on all of us in the first segment!  And lastly, Dawn racked up 428 points winning the second segment. Her average points per race was 35.66.  The second segment margin, however, was the closest of the year, just 3 points separated first and second place, Jerry.




Those who received paychecks for their great choices this year are:

Jerry with a first and second

Jim with a second and a fourth

Dawn with a first and a fourth

Carolyn with a first

Edie with a second

Richard with a third

Jeremy with a third

Leon with a third

Carlton with a fifth

Zee with a fifth

Lastly, Jason took all the Chase money this year.  He was the only one that took a big risk with “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski!


Picking Race Winners


Again looking over the stats, I thought that it would be interesting to publish the figures that would give credit to those players who were diligently doing their homework on the drivers, and the tracks that they would perform best at during the 2012 season!

Jerry led the pack in picking winners this season, picking five (5) winners!  Jim followed with four (4) selected winners.  Dawn, Jeremy, and Marc tied with three (3) winners picked this year. Next on the list for picking winners, picking two (2) winners are; Carlton, Scott, Jason, Carolyn, Karen, and yours truly, Leon.  Lastly there were five players that had one selection winning a race for them.  Those five players are; Carole, Zee, Edie, Richard “The NASCAR Picker”, Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit”, and Dan “The Numbers Cruncher”!

The 2013 race season should be just as much fun and as wild as this past one.  There are several drivers that have, and or are, switching race teams, sponsors, or crew chiefs.  Therefore, some of you may want to make up a scorecard or race program to assist you in your early prognostications!

After all, it is just 91 days 21 hours and 50 minutes until the drop of the green flag at the 2013 Daytona 500!

See you at the race track!


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