Brad Keselowski

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After last Sunday’s race at Bristol, “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski has moved to the point in the Sprint Cup Chase.  This weekend NASCAR makes another cross country swing.  This week the NASCAR circus is holding court in Fontana, CA at the Auto Club Speedway.

With one third of the first segment races now complete, poor Carlton is buried in the cellar, the weather is heating up, and so will the racing at Auto Club Speedway!


Our Picks


Looking at the picks this week, there is an interesting phenomena.  There are six drivers that have two players each riding copilot in their cars, one driver with three players anxiously watching, and two players alone in their picks.  Yep, they are in bidnez for themselves!

This week “Cousin Carl”, Edwards, is the lucky driver that has amassed the huge support of three players!  Those players riding along with Edwards to Subway are Jim, David, and Jason.

Of the six drivers that each have two payers each in their corner, the first is “Mr. Fiver-Time”, Jimmie Johnson,.  Karen and Jeremy are putting their success this Sunday in the hands of Johnson, maybe even taking a trip to Lowe’s for some DIY home remodeling things.  Yours truly and Dan are gonna munch on a few M&M’s this Sunday, in hopes that “The Las Vegas Weasel” (TLVW), ol Kylie Busch, can slip his JGR #18 Camry into the winner’s circle.  Zee and Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit” are literally riding high, and maybe even grabbing a few Buds with Kevin “Happy” Harvick!

On the other hand, Carole and Marc are solidly behind the wiley old veteran of “Mr. Four-Time”, Jeff Gordon, possibly serving some meals while they combat hunger with AARP!  Additionally, Dawn and Jerry have put their fortunes in the hands of another old veteran, and possibly needeing a few items at The Dollar General Store of Home Depot, Matt “The Brat” Kenseth.  

Lastly, the remaining two women, Edie and Sue, have joined forces and are backing NASCAR’s most popular driver for the last decade, and the driver who has made the most most money in 2012, Dale Earnhardt, Jr  Could it be that these two really want to get AMP’ed up?

The two remaining players are out on their own limb Sunday.  Richard “The NASCAR Picker”, who is recovering from some surgery these days, has decided to back the new kid on the block at Roger Penske Racing, Joey Logano.  Could it be that Richard needs to get an oild change and a lube with Shell/Penzoil?

Meanwhile Carlton, this segment’s cellar dweller, is hoping desperately that his choice of “Blazingly Bad’ Brad Keselowski will begin his ascension towards the top of the scoring pylon!  For sure Carlton will need to consume some of “Bad Brad’s” sponsor, Miller Lite, to comfort and soothe his rather rough start to this segment!

Good luck to all this weekend!

And now I will leave you with the video from, in my opinion, the greatest rock and roll song, and guitar solo, in the history of rock and roll.  It doesn’t hurt that the song is very fitting to the venue this weekend, either!



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