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After catching more than a dozen NASCAR races at Fontana before giving up our tickets, I can say that most of the NASCAR races from this California venue have been less than exciting.  However, this was not the case Sunday for this Auto Club 400!  With the Gen 6 cars finally coming into their own, now that there have been five weeks to tweak on the race car, there was no need for anyone to need there seats for the final 11 laps!!  (More about that on

Needless to say, ol Kylie Busch led the most laps and was very strong today.  However, if it were not for the beating, banging, and crashing between “best of friends”, Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano, in turns three and four of the final lap, TLVW, KyBu, would not have won the race!


Movers and Shakers


Two players picked the winner, Kyle Busch, today in the Auto Club 500.  Dan “The Numbers Cruncher” and yours truly, Captain Blowdri, collected max points, 48.  Edie and Sue both were rooting for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. this weekend.  For their efforts they were able to log 42 points, and were the second highest scoring players.  The third highest scoring players were Jim, David, and Jason “The Tie Dye Dude”.  All three had selected Carl Edwards to win the Auto Club 400, and that was worth 40 points.  Richard “The NASCAR Picker” got 39 points from his driver, Joey Logano.  Jerry and Dawn both selected Kenseth, and the reward was 38 points.

The player moving the most in the standings this week is yours truly.  I rocketed up four spots in the standings from 8th to 4th place.  Dan and Jerry were the next biggest movers this week, Dan surged up three spots from 12th to 9th place.  However, Jerry was not as fortunate as Dan, he plummeted three spots in the standings, landing in 8th place.

Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit” and Marc both lost two spots this week.

Looking at the top three and the bottom three in the standings, none of those six players moved from their positions this week.

Next Sunday is Easter and NASCAR will get a much deserved week off next weekend.  However, in two seeks NASCAR returns to another of their bullrings, Martinsville.  This small 1/2 mile paperclip is a lot like Bristol, in that to be successful there you must check your feelings, egos, weapons, and attitudes at the pit gate.

It might be noted, to be successful at this track you must be able to drive your car onto the hauler at the end of the races!


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