Jimmie Johnson

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For the first five races of this relatively short race season, there has been five different winners. However, Jimmie Johnson is the first Sprint Cup driver to log a second win in 2013, doing so by winning the STP Gas Booster 500 at Martinsville.


Movers and Shakers


Both Carole and Jason had a fantastic Sunday, both having chosen Jimmie Johnson to win the race at Martinsville.  For their rewards, each garnered a big payday of 48 points Sunday!

Likewise, Jerry also had a very good Sunday.  Jerry’s choice for Martinsville was Clint Bowyer, who battled his way in the very late stages of the race to end up in second place.  Bowyer’s second place finish rewarded Jerry with 42 big points!

Edie was the third highest scoring player, gathering up 40 points on Kyle Busch’s fifth place finish in the race.

Bernie “The Bay Area Bandit” bet the farm on “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski.  “Bad” Brad finished sixth and gave Bernie 38 points.

Jim, Marc, and Carlton received 35 points for “sticking with the Biff”!

Dan and Jeremy selected to hang with Denny Hamlin, the car this week was driven by Mark Martin, and the reward for their loyalty was 34 points!

The 48 points that Carole won Sunday was enough to launch her two spots, and into The Redneck Fantasy League point lead!

Even though Carole is the new leader, the player with the biggest jump in the standings was Jason.  The 48 points that Jason got allowed him to rocket up four places in the standings from seventh, to all the way to third place.

The next biggest movers in the standings were Zee and Richard “The NASCAR Picker“!  Unfortunately, both Zee and Richard plummeted three places in the standings.  Zee fell out of second place, landing in fifth position.  Richard fell from tenth place, landing now in thirteenth!

Four players moved two spots in the standings.  Both Jerry and Carole moved up two spots in the standings.  However, Dawn and “A&M Aggie Sue” both were not as lucky, falling two spots this week!

And finally, the bottom four players in the standings remain in those places for still one more week.

Next week NASCAR moves to the Lone Star state, Texas.

Good Luck to all!


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