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The dust has settled Texas, The Las Vegas Weasel (TLVW), ol Kylie Busch, brought his broom to town, swept the weekend racing (both Nationwide and Sprint Cup races), stealing all the hardware and the money!

Even though TLVW led the most laps in the Saturday night fight under the lights, he was not the leader when the last yellow flag flew.  He was in second place, behind Martin Truex, Jr., and really not able to close the gap the Truex has built up.  Nevertheless, on the restart, ol Kylie aced out Truex, and the rest of the field, to take the lead, all the while holding everyone at bay until the checkered flag flew at the end of the night!

It appears, however, that TLVW has quite possibly learned his lesson.  That lesson would be to keep your big mouth shut, thereby letting the loud pedal and your hand-eye coordination speak the loudest! When he, KyBu, does just that, usually he can show the rest of the field the shortest way around almost any racing facility that NASCAR goes to these days!


Movers and Shakers


The biggest winner, and biggest shaker, Sunday in The Redneck Fantasy League was Jim.  He is the only player to pick ol Kylie for the NRA 500.  So he snagged the maximum points, 48 big ones!  Dawn was second in the amount of points scored on Sunday.  She was not the only one “sticking with the Biff” Sunday.  Karen also had chosen “The Biff”, and that is the reason that she (Karen) was able to regain the lead from Carole this week. So for “sticking with the Biff” they both grabbed 40 points.  

Edie and “Dan The Numbers Cruncher” left the Lone Star state with a good evening, as well.  They both were hanging with the Miller Lite beer wagon driven by “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowsk, who finished in 9th place.  That scored each of them 35 points for their efforts.

The four players who were seen hanging out, and shopping, at the Dollar General Store with Matt Kenseth, Leon, his two sons, Jason and Jeremy, and their sidekick Marc, fared well, garnering each 32 points Saturday night.

Meanwhile, “Richard The NASCAR Picker” and “A&M Aggie Sue”, were both seen hanging with the other beer wagon chauffeur, Kevin Harvick, Saturday night.  Harvick’s 13th place finish gave them each 31 points.

Enough about the shakers Saturday night, there wasn’t a great amount of movement in the standings after Saturday night’s race.  However, what movement there was is intriguing!

The biggest mover of the weekend was Zee.  With her choice of Jeff Gordon, and his miserable finish of 38th place, she plummeted out of money contention like the Space Shuttle falling out of orbit, falling six spots, and landing in 11th place!  Another player dropping like a dead bird at a pheasant hunt is “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”. Ol Bernie also had been riding with Jeff Gordon Saturday night.  In light of Gordon’s poor performance Saturday night, Bernie sunk five spots to land down near the cellar dwellers of David and Carlton, in 15th place!

On the positive side of the movement scale, by Jim picking the winner, KyBu, he climbed up four spots in the standings, now resting in 12th place.

Edie, with her choice of “Bad” Brad K, was able to move up three spots in the standings, resting comfortable in 9th place.  As mentioned previously, Dawn , who was “sticking with the Biff”, and as such, she was able to move up two spots to fifth place.

Next weekend NASCAR travels out to the heartland of the country, Kansas, where they will “carry on my wayward son!”

Good luck to all with just five races left in this segment.  Start thinking second segment picks soon!


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