Kevin Harvick

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Well Richmond lived up to it reputation Saturday night.

There was beating, banging, crumpled sheet metal, bruised egos, lost tempers, and some really great strung together, hyphenated four letter words and phrases stitched together and slung at each other after the checkered flag was waived!  Oh, did I mention that there was also a 400 lap race competed at there, as well?

Remember what I have said about the NASCAR short-track racing?

Rule #1, the competitors should be required to check their egos, their feelings, and all of their weapons at the pit gate.  Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway, there was no exception to my “NASCAR short track rules”!

The winner emerged in a Green-White-Checkered overtime.  What looked like Juan Pablo Montoya’s first oval track victory was snatched out of his hands by a very late yellow flag.  On the restart, Kevin Harvick “let the rough side drag” and blew around those five cars that did not pit for fresh tires to take the lead, and the win at Richmond in the Toyota Owners 400!


Movers and Shakers


Dan “The Numbers Cruncher” was the only player whose fortunes were riding with Kevin Harvick Saturday night, and therefore, Dan gathered up 47 points for his efforts.  For a change Jeremy excelled with his choice of Clint Bowyer, and was rewarded with 43 points.  Zee’s choice of Matt Kenseth delivered 39 points to her at Richamond.  Karen, Carole, and Jerry all had very good results from their pick of Carl Edwards, receiving 38 points when the night was over.

Our two resident cellar dwellers, Carlton and David, scored relatively big tonight with their choice of “Mr. Three-Time”, Jeff Gordon.  The “bottom feeders” snagged 33 points Saturday night when all the tempers, crumpled sheet metal, and bruised egos had subsided.

There was a significant amount of movement amongst the rank and file of this fantasy league after Richmond.  The single mover is “A&M Aggie Sue”.  Sue dropped in the standings like a bad habit, falling from 7th place to land into 12th place!  Both Jason and yours truly suffered tremendously with the selection of Denny Hamlin (Brian Vickers subbing), dropping two places respectively.  Jason now resides in fifth place, and yours truly now sits in sixth place.

On the positive side of the movement scale, with Dan’s pick of Harvick, he climbed up three spots to reside in third place. Likewise, Jeremy moved up three spots, now sitting in 8th place.  Zee, too climbed up three positions to land in 7th place.  Lastly, Jerry exchanged his former 13th place, last week, for an 11th place standing this week.

With the great finish from Carl Edwards, Karen was able to maintain her 30 point lead on her closest competitor, Carole.  With just three races left to go in this segment, it appears that Karen is a shoe-in for some money, and most likely the segment winner, barring a major catastrophe!

Next week NASCAR moves from the former capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA, to the heart of the deep South, Talladega, AL.

Good Luck to all!



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