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Stop me if you have heard this before.  

Kyle Busch thoroughly dominated the field in the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway Saturday, leading 265 laps of the 367 total!  However, ol Kylie failed to bring home the hardware!  This is the ninth time that the JGR M&M’s #18 Toyota Camry driver has put an almost compete whoopin’ on the field, and failed to win the race!

Fortunately for Joe Gibbs Racing Busch’s teammate, Matt Kenseth, KyBu’s failure was Kenseth’s fortunes!  This victory was the third for Kenseth this season.


Movers and Shakers


Karen continues to have a very substantial lead, 36 points, over the second place player, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”, and she continues to rest in the top spot.  In fact, the top three in the standings, Karen, Dan, and Carole did not budge off those spots this week.  Likewise, the bottom two “cellar dwellers”, “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, and poor ol Carlton, hang strong in the cellar once again this week!

The big winner this week was “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”.  She was the only player to correctly pick the winner of the Bojangles Southern 500, Matt Kenseth!  For her solo pick this week, she scored 47 points.  Next on the high scoring list this week was Jim and “Jeremy The Coach”, each had Jeff Gordon as their driver.  Gordon’s third place finish gave both of them 42 points for the weekend.  Zee and Carlton had their fortunes riding with Jimmie Johnson, and for that they each received 40 points.

Further on the high scoring list was yours truly.  I was the only player who was rooting for Carl Edwards Sunday.  Edwards finished in seventh place, that gave me 37 points for the weekend.  Following yours truly on the scoring pylon is “Richard the NASCAR Picker”.  His selection of Ryan Newman gave him 34 points.  Following Richard on the scoring pylon is Dawn with 32 points.

Once again There was not any large scale movement in the standings.  However, there were three players who moved three spots.  Both Marc and Dawn fell three spots this week.  On the positive side, Jeremy moved up three spots this week.  Additionally, Richard and Bernie, moved up two spots, respectively.

With just one race left in this segment, first and second place seems to be fairly solid.  However, from third place through 7th place there is only a separation of a total of eight (8) points!  That means the third, fourth, and fifth place, money spots, are all up for grabs!  Eighth place is only thirteen (13) points out of third place, while ninth place is only one more point further out.Tenth place is just 18 points out of third place.  So as you can see, there are eight players, almost half of all the players in the game, have a legitimate shot at the remaining three money paying spots with one race left!

Good luck to those players! 

Next weekend is the Sprint All-Star race, and the Camping World Truck race from Charlotte.  Each night, Friday and Saturday should produce some very exciting racing!  The truck races, in my most humble opinion, is the absolute very best bang for the buck!  Additionally, the Sprint All-Star makes for some very good hard racing, since there are no point—only MONEY involved!


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