Kevin Harvick

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I must admit that I did not get to watch the whole race last night.  What you say?  After getting back to my hotel room for the Indy 500, I did watch about the first half of the race, however.  Unfortunately, I had a 3:00AM wake up call Monday morning!  You see I had to get to the airport so that I could try to get myself back home on Monday.

Nevertheless, I found out this morning that “the closer”, Kevin Harvick pulled another victory out of his “lame duck season” with Richard Childress Racing!

And speaking about pulling of a victory, Karen just barely pulled out a one point margin win in the first segment!  She started out Sunday with a 32 point lead, only to watch “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski have a bad night, yielding her only 9 dismal points!


Movers and Shakers



The top three players, Karen, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher“, and Carole, all maintained their respective positions in the fantasy league standings in the final race of the segment.

The top shakers of the weekend was Dawn, David, Dan, and your Humble Sheriff, yours truly!  Each of these players had chosen Kasey Kahne for Charlotte, and for that they each received 44 points.  Zee had a very good week scoring 41 points with her man, Denny Hamlin, at the wheel.  Carole also did very well for herself gathering up 39 points for choosing Ryan Newman Sunday.  Edie and Jeremy picked Tony Stewart, hoping that “Smoke” might awaken from his totally lackluster 2013 season.  Stewart awarded those two, Edie and Jeremy, with 38 points.  Lastly, Marc and “A&M Aggie Sue” was given 34 points for Carl Edwards performance at Charlotte.

The biggest mover of the weekend on the positive side was “A&M Aggie Sue”.  Her 34 points rocketed her up three spots in the standings, from 14th place all the way 11th.  Richard, Jason, and Jeremy, however, fell three places this weekend.  For Jeremy, that took him out of a money position, quite unfortunate for him!

This weekend NASCAR rolls into Dover, DE for a weekend race at the Monster Mile.


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