Jimmie Johnson

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NEWS FLASH: Jimmie Johnson wins The Party in the Poconos 400!

It would appear that the Hendrick Motorsports #48 Lowe’s Chevy team is beginning to hit their collective stride, just as the dog days of summer are approaching.  That can only be extremely bad news for the other 42 race teams in the Sprint Cup garage.  Even though Johnson did not win the championship in either 2011, or 2012, it does not mean that this team has lost its luster and competitive edge!

No, far from it!

Being very early in the second segment, this race produced some very large movements in The Redneck Fantasy League standings.


Movers and Shakers


This week we had two players who picked a winning driver.  Both Sue and Carole were riding shotgun with “Mr. Five-Time”, Jimmie Johnson.  Both ladies were rewarded very nicely for their efforts, logging the max 48 points for the weekend.

The next highest scorer for this weekend was yours truly,” Leon The Duly Elected Sheriff”.  This week I was “sticking with the Biff”, and for that I received a cool 42 points!

Jeremy and Bernie was next on the scoring totem pole.  Both, Jeremy and Bernie, were putting their fortunates in the M&M’s car driven by ol Kylie Busch.  Their reward for this weekend was a nifty 38 points.

Following Jeremy and Bernie in scoring, Edie ran with the “other Busch brother”, Kurt Busch.  Kurt’s finish gave Edie 37 points for this race.

Finally, finishing fifth on the scoring list this weekend was Jerry.  Jerry’s choice for Pocono was Denny Hamlin.  That choice, Hamlin, was good for 36 points this week for Jerry.

As I mentioned earlier, there was a large scale movement throughout the standings this week.  Granted, it is only the second race of the segment, nevertheless, there was a couple of monumental changes of positions this week!

The single largest movement within the standings came at the expense of Zee.  Zee picked Matt Kenseth to win this weekend.  However, it was not going to be with the deck of cards that was dealt to Kenseth!  Kenseth suffered a rather poor finish of 25th!  That 25th place finish by Kenseth translated into Zee only receiving a paltry 19 points.  With only scoring 19 points this weekend, Zee plummeted nine (9) positions in the standings, falling from first to tenth place!  Lookout below!!

The second largest mover was Carole.  She was one of the two players who picked a winner at Pocono.  Therefore, those 48 points that Carole gathered up slingshot her up the standings six (6) places, from tenth to fourth place.

Ol “A&M Aggie Sue” also had a very good weekend, she was the other player who picked Jimmie Johnson to win the race.  So those coveted 48 points that she got launched her from sixth place into the lead this weekend!  Likewise, “Leon The Duly Elected Sheriff” moved up five slots in the standings, riding the coattails of “The Biff”, and logging a nifty 42 points!

Jeremy, with the help of Kyle Busch, moved up in the standings three places.

Now to continue to post negative side of the movement scale.  “Dan the Numbers Cruncher” fell out like a man having massive knee reconstructive surgery!  Dan crumbled under the pressure a cool four places, falling from ninth to thirteenth position this week.  Karen fell like a Prom dress in May, dropping three places in the standings, falling from fifth place and landing in eighth.  Additionally, Jason and Marc toppled two places each this week.

Edie was able to maintain her second place in the standings with the help of her pick, Kurt Busch.

Just to bookend the standings, both “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit” and Jim were able to hold serve, and thereby they were able to secure the cellar door for all of us this seekend!

Next weekend NASCAR moves into the hometown of Ford, Chevy, and Motown records founder, Barry Gordy, the greater Detroit area, and the high speed 2 mile race track known as Michigan International Speedway!


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