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Today, in the US auto industry’s backyard, the Michigan International Speedway, Roush-Fenway Racing’s 3M #16 Ford, driven by Greg Biffle, brought home the checkered flag at the Quicken Loans 400.  It is “the Biff’s” 19th Sprint Cup career victory, his 4th win at MIS, and Ford Motor Company’s 1,000th Sprint Cup victory! What a milestone the occured at this race track today!

As a side note, I might add that all four of the Hendrick Chevy’s experienced some kind of malfunction during the course of the race. Jeff Gordon was caught up in a very early crash.  Kasey Kahne blew a right front tire that stuck him in the wall.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had an engine “grenade” on him, while running away with the race. And lastly, Jimmie Johnson slapped the wall while trying to chase down the race leader, and eventual winner, Greg Biffle.

Movers and Shakers


Jim was the only player to be riding the great fortunes of the race winner.  That is to say, on Sunday he was “sticking with The Biff”, and therefore, he was rewarded with the max points, 48!  Edie, Marc, and “A&M Aggie Sue” had a great Sunday with ol Kylie Busch as their pick, and was rewarded with 40 points Sunday.

Jeremy and Bernie rode the fortunes of Matt Kenseth, gathering 38 points for their efforts.  There were six players who grabbed 37 points Sunday.  Those who had Carl Edwards, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”, “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, Carlton, and “Jason The Latent Tie Dyed Hippie” were among those getting 37 points.  Also scoring 37 points were Dawn, and “Leon The Humble Sheriff”, both had selected Clint Bowyer.

Three players had rather poor outings this Sunday.  Karen got snookered with Jeff Gordon, only scoring 5 points.  Both Zee and Carole had Kasey Kahne and received only 7 points!

This week I have witnessed the single largest movement of one player in recorded history of The Redneck Fantasy League!  Last week we had a player move nine (9) spots, however, this week we have topped that movement!  This week Carole plunged eleven (11) places with her choice of Kahne.  Carole dropped from fourth to fifteenth place, that is faster than a speeding locomotive!  Similarly, Karen plunged eight spots, falling from 8th and landing firmly in next to last place, 16th!  Almost not to out-done, Zee stumbled seven places, plunging from 10th place and landing square in the cellar!  The last of the “stumblin’ and bumblin’ players” is “Richard The NASCAR Picker”, who fell four spots this week.

On the positive side of the movement scale, Bernie and Jim, the former cellar dwellers, clawed out of the bottom by moving up four places each.  Bernie now resides in 12th place, and Jim is one place behind her in 13th place.

Carlton, Dan, Dawn, Jerry, and yours truly all climbed up three spots this week.  Jeremy, Marc, and David, each climbed up two spots this week.

So as you can see, the only players who held their positions this week were the top two players, Sue and Edie!

PS David just wanted me to mention that, in case you haven’t notice, he is no longer in the basement of the standings!

Next week NASCAR makes another run out to the West Coast.  It is time to sip a little CA wine, eat a little cheese and crackers, and turn right and left at the road course of Sonoma!


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