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With just ten (10) races left before The Chase begins, the clock is ticking for some race teams.  For a few of the teams that are in the positions of eleven through twenty in the standings, and are competing for the coveted two wild card positions, it is time to “let the big dog eat”!

This week NASCAR rolls into the track in Sparta, KY, for the Quaker State 400.


Our Kentucky Picks


There are three drivers that have three players each in their rooting section this weekend.  No doubt Karen, Jerry, and Marc will all be hanging out at The Dollar General Store this Sunday, shopping, and rooting for Matt Kenseth.  I am equally as sure that Jason, David, and Dan will be surfing the internet, looking at the insurance rates that they may secure from Kasey Kahne’s sponsor, Farmer’s Insurance, should he win the race.  Additionally, Sue, Richard, and Bernie will be checking the UPS web page to see if Carl Edwards is delivering each one of them a victory Sunday.

Zee and Dawn will be seen with their hands in the M&M’s bag, hoping, all the while, that ol Kylie Busch is able to regroup after his horrendous finish last week at Sonoma, and provide a win for them.  Lastly, Jim and Leon will be hoping that the “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski beer wagon can grab a win Sunday for them.

For the remaining four players, they are in “bidnez” for themselves this weekend!


“Straight From The Crapper”


I have devised a new addition to the discussion table.  Aside from listing, and discussing “our picks” and “movers and shakers”, I think that it is important to discuss whose pick have put a player into “the crapper” for the segment.  There is now a new topic entitled, “Straight From The Crapper”.  So not only will I be praising the current segment leaders, but there will be “a little crap” distributed for those that are the “in the outhouse”!

For those of you who have not been keeping a close look on the fantasy league “the tailgunners”, “the cellar dwellers”, or “the bottom feeders” in his segment, let me enlighten you. Carole has a really good lock on that spot, scoring only 95 points, after four races this segment.  However, there are three players that could very easily make a run at Carole, and for the second segment “Outhouse Award”.

Karen is only 24 points out of the last place, this after her tumultuous fall from grace.  Our current “Outhouse Award” recipient, David, has scored only one more point than Karen this segment, which leaves him just 25 points from the bottom.  Additionally, Zee, who has dropped like a bad habit the last two weeks, has scored only one more point than David this segment, and thus is just 26 points from the prestigious “Outhouse Award”!  So there could be a shake up at the bottom, providing Carole can have a fantastic finish Sunday, and those other three players do not.

Good luck to all this week, and may your picks not send you “straight to the crapper”!

PS This Friday and Saturday nights I will be out at the race track in Visalia, CA, supporting one of our players, the first segment “Outhouse Award” winner, David, while he races mini sprints Friday night, and his Neverlift Motorsports/David Prickett Racing mighty midget Saturday night!

Go on David’s Facebook page, and wish him luck!


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