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Brian Vickers is the NASCAR story this week at Louden, N.H.

Back in 2010 Vickers’ doctors discovered that he was suffering from several blood clots.  On closer scrutiny, they found that he also was suffering from a hole in his heart!  After surgery to repair all those maladies, Vickers was out of racing for nearly a year.  The following year Red Bull Racing shut down at the end of 2011.  Since that time Vickers has been a part-time NASCAR driver in the Sprint Cup series with Michael Waltrip Racing.

Today, Brian Vickers collected his first victory in 73 races, and his third win in his Sprint Cup career!

None of our players picked the race winner, and fortunately so, since Vickers runs full time in the Nationwide Series, and thus did not receive any Sprint Cup points for his efforts today!


Movers and Shakers


This week the top four players held serve, and did not fall out of their previous leadership places.

Having said that about our top four players, the rest of the standings continues to be bunched up in the middle.  There are ten (10) players, positions 5 through 14, that are within 19 points!  Therein lies the reason why there is such a large, and continuous, movement from within the middle of the standings!

The single biggest mover this week is none other than “Richard The NASCAR Picker”!  Richard, in his infinite wisdom, selected “Sliced Bread”, Joey Logano. However, Logano did not fair so well today at Louden. Logano’s day fetched “Richard The NASCAR Picker” a scant four (4) points at Louden!  Those microscopic 4 points enabled “Richard The NASCAR Picker” to plummet nine (9) spots this week, dropping like a bad habit, from 5th place to 14th!

Carole, on the other hand, with her pick of Kevin Harvick, grabbed 37 points, and ratcheted up the standings seven (7) places.  She now rests in 9th place.

“Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, with her pick of Kurt Busch, took a fairly large hit in her quest to stay out of the “Outhouse”.  She gathered up only 15 points, and because of that 15 points, Bernie fell four (4) spots to rest on the doorstep of the outhouse!

Both Jerry and “Dan the Numbers Cruncher” climbed up three spots this week, landing in 8th and 12th, respectively.

Meanhwhile, Karen and “Leon The Humble Sheriff” each stumbled three (3) places this week, with their pick of “Smoke”, who ran out of gas with one lap to go.

Jim, Dawn, “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, and “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie”, all moved up two positions after Louden.


Straight From The Crapper


Once again the spotlight is on “Richard The NASCAR Picker”.  He was, however, the only player bold enough to select Joey Logano.  Nevertheless, that pick enabled him to take a nine position tumble!  He is now only seven (7) points from resting squarely in “the crapper”!

“Bernie The Bay Area Bandit” had a big reverse of fortunes this week as well.  She now sits just one point from resting “in the illustrious crapper”!

Jim, who was “the cellar dweller” last week, barely eeked his way out of “the outhouse” this week!

Well sports fans, we all get to take the next week off, since the Sprint Cup gets its last weekend off of the 2013 season.


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