Tony Stewart

(WOMR file photo)

This week’s spotlight on sports highlight would be the sprint car crash of “Smoke”, Tony Stewart.  The video of the wreck did not look so horrifying, however, it resulted in a compound fracture of his right leg, and therefore, the net results is that “Smoke” will have a few weeks out of the cockpit of his SHR Mobil1 #14 Chevy.  The ultimate final outcome of having a severely fractured throttle leg will be that by missing several races, Stewart will plummet in the standings, and consequently, miss the The Chase for 2013.

I just wonder if Stewart’s sponsors have expressed any dissatisfaction about the loss of the marquee driver for the next 4-6 weeks?  Maybe Tony should limit his extracurricular racing activities to racing RC sprint cars?  I am just sayin’…………..


The Glen Picks


The bulk of the picks are spread out over five drivers at The Glen.

This week “Karen The Unofficial Mouth Of The South” and “Jason the Latent Tie Dye Hippie” are going to munching on the M&M’s, along with Kyle Busch. Meanwhile, Jim and Edie are hanging out at the local Target store, hoping that Juan Pablo Montoya can check out on the field.

“Leon The Humble Sheriff” and “Jeremy The Coach” will be trying out some new DeWalt Tools, all the while hoping that the Aussie, Marcos Ambrose will will drill the field, and win the race!  “Richard The NASCAR Picker” and Carole will be hanging with all the AARP people, trying to fight hunger, and hoping that “Mr. Five-Time”, Jeff Gordon, delivers the groceries.

Lastly, “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit” and Dawn will be closely monitoring the Miller Lite beer wagon of “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski Sunday!

That covers the ten players that are tag teamed with other players this week.  However, that leaves the remaining seven players that are in “bidnez” for themselves!


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