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Now that the Richmond race is over, and supposedly The Chase contenders are in place, notwithstanding the possibility that there may be more penalties assessed to drivers by NASCAR, I thought that I would take a closer look at our Chase picks.

It is quite interesting to see who our players have decided are the favorites to be crowned the 2013 Sprint Cup champion.  The massive majority of our players have selected just three drivers to win the Sprint Cup championship.


Our Chase Picks


The overwhelming choice, the choice of six of our players, is the Joe Gibbs Racing Dollar General #20 Toyota , Matt Kenseth.  Kenseth is the choice of Dawn, Carlton, “Richard The NASCAR Picker”, “Jerry The Buschwacker”, “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, and lastly, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”.

Even though Jimmie Johnson has been the dominate car and team for the duration of the first 26 races, absent the poor outings of the last four races, he was only able to garner support from five of our players.  One would have thought that Johnson would have been the favorite, not Kenseth.  Nevertheless, Carole, “A&M Aggie Sue”, “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle”, “Jeremy The Coach”, and “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, all have put all their marbles into Johnson’s ability to pull off a little Chase magic this year!

The other strong contender this year is The Las Vegas Weasel (TLVW), ol Kylie Busch!  In the past few years, when September rolls around, and Fall is in the air, both Kyle and Kurt Busch take on the physical characteristics of the foliage.  That is to say, that at this time of the year “the leaves fall of off the Busch’s”! However, that does not appear to be the case.  In 2013, both Kyle and Kurt have blossomed, and have enough leaves to appear to be very a healthy Busch!

Those players who agree with that perception, and are willing to go out on a limb with Kyle as their choice, are Edie, Jim, “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie”, and “Leon The Humble Sheriff”.

The other two players have selected individual drivers.  “Marc The Powder Coat Dude” has backed “Opps I have spun out”, Clint Bowyer!

Lastly Zee has selected “Mr Where Did He Come From”, Kevin Harvick.

Hopefully, all the Richmond shenanigans have all been resolved, but that is still to be seen.  Although there are a few sponsors involved with MWR, NAPA and 5hr Energy Drink, that may have more to say to that organization in the near future, it is now time to “let the big dog eat”!.  Additionally, another way of looking at the Chase is, if you can’t hang with the big dogs stay up on the porch!

Twelve drivers, ten races, one championship, who will be the last man standing?


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