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As I write this post, it is just 26 days, 20 hours, and 20 minutes till the green flag flies for the 2014 Daytona 500!  The January NASCAR  testing is history, the race teams have shored up their sponsors and their drivers, it is time to start fine tuning their race packages, and load up the haulers in order to head to Daytona for Speedweeks.

With the impending 2014 season upon us, I though that I would look back and review the 2013 season, with regards to our picks and how the players performed.


Movers and Shakers


Looking at the scores of the three segment winners for 2013 was quite interesting.  The first segment winner, Karen, scored 432 points for the 12 race segment.  That number equals a 36 point per race average. Breaking that number further down equates to a an 8th place average per race for the twelve (12) race segment!  That my friends, is a very good average week in and week out!

The second segment winner, Marc, racked up 437 points.  To break down Marc’s success, that total number equates to a weekly average of 36.41 points per race.  Again, his average weekly number makes for a weekly score of just slightly better than an 8th place each week.

In segment three, Jeremy really laid down some big numbers!  In fact, Jeremy’s total segment score of 468 points is a segment record!  That number, 468, gave him an average of 39 points per race. Broken down further, that total equates to 5th place finish week in and week out for twelve weeks.  Those are Jimmie Johnson numbers!  How can you beat a player who is logging a 5th place finish every week for twelve weeks?  The answer is simple.  You can not beat him/her with that kind of results weekly!

There were some big winners last season.  There were eleven players who selected a driver, who not only won the race, but also led the most laps, resulting in gathering up 48 points  max for the race.  Those players were, Karen (3 times), Carole, Edie, Sue, Jim,Zee, Richard, Leon, Carole, Dawn, and Carlton.

Additionally, there were seven players who picked the winner, but did not lead the most laps, thereby getting only 47 points.  Those players who grabbed 47 points in a race were, Karen (3 times), Marc, Edie, Zee, Jerry, Carole, and Leon (2 times).

If we had a Championship Award for last year, the hands down winner would have been Jeremy with 1269 total points!  That is one of the new additions for 2014!


Straight From The Crapper


Since I talked about the great scores that was logged last race season, it is only logical to discuss the lowest scores for each segment.

Our inaugural “Outhouse Award” winner, David, led off the season by scoring 313 points in segment #1.  That point total comes out to a weekly average of 26.08 points per race, or finishing in 18th place weekly.  Those numbers are not Jimmie Johnson numbers, maybe more like Aric Almirola numbers!

In segment #2, Carole was the “Outhouse Award” winner.  Her totals for that segment were 291 points.  That equates to scoring 24.75 points per race, or finishing in just slightly less that 18th place weekly. Those numbers is roughly where Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.finished in 2013.

In segment #3, Zee put up the identical numbers that Carole did in the segment previous!

As far as the worst weekly scores for the year, check out the following stats.

David and Jeremy each had one week where they scored just 9 points for the race.

Karen, David, Sue, Carlton (2 times), Dawn, and Richard each logged just 8 points in a race.

Bernie, Jim, and Zee each had a week, whereby, they only scored 7 points.

Zee, Karen, and Sue each a race that they only received 6 points.

Both David and Richard, had a race where they received only 4 points.

If those numbers weren’t bad enough, it gets worse!  Both David and Carole, had a race that they only scored one (1) microscopic point for their efforts!  You can not get any lower than that amount!

For the above players who seem to always show up in the post under “the crappiest picks of the week”, or who have secured their place on the “Redneck Hall of Shame”, maybe this video explains your feelings!


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