Denny Hamlin

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The title for this post might me more truthful than you think!  Many of the crew members may feel compelled to use their 2nd Amendment rights at the conclusion of this race!  However, that is not where I am going with this essay!  No, after looking at all of our picks for Bristol this week, the overall conclusion is that the players have such a wide array of picks that it truly mirrors “the shotgun approach”!

For those of you who may like to brush up on your Bristol Motor Speedway history, here is an article that I wrote a few years ago that may bring you all up to snuff about it’s rich history!


Our Bristol Picks


This week there are only three drivers that have more than one player rooting for their success!  There are three players, Jeremy “The Coach”, Jim, aka “Chiefy”, and Karen “The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” that will be seen down at their local FedEx store, shipping whatever to whoever, in support of Denny Hamlin.

Likewise, both Dawn and Marc must still have unresolved insurance issues because they were both spotted at a Farmer’s Insurance office this week!  Or could that be just their way of showing support for their pick, Kasey Kahne?

Lastly, Dan “The Numbers Cruncher” and Carlton were both seen groping and pillaging a rather large “family” size bag of M&M’s!  Was that just a binge eating event, or could it be that they feel that if they consume enough of those tasty morsels, ol Kylie Busch will be climbing out of his smokey race car, waving the checkered flag, and taking his somewhat infamous bow atop his M&M’s Camry?

Now here is where the “shotgun effect” comes into play for the other nine players.  For the remaining unnamed nine players, there are nine drivers that were chosen.  So as I state every week when I refer to single players with single picks, the majority of the players of  The Redneck Fantasy League is in “bidnez” for themselves!

Once again I make my perennial plea to all the crew members:  In order for everyone’s safety and sanity, please check your egos, frustrations, and most importantly your weapons at the pit gate!


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