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After a weekend off to celebrate Easter with their families and friends, NASCAR rolls up North on I-95 to the Henrico Country Fairgrounds, better known as Richmond International Raceway. When the teams roll into Richmond on Thursday for The Toyota Owner’s 400, there will only be four races left in this segment!  This is the time when we, as players, are analyzing our potential to be on the podium and collect some of “that Redneck money”!

For the present top five money paying positions, Carlton, Zee, Dawn, “Jeremy The Coach”, and “Jim, aka Chiefy”, their positions are somewhat tenuous still.  Those top five are only thirteen (13) points apart, so their posiitons could still move around quite a bit!  Additionally, the next seven (7) players, “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle”, “Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff”, “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie”, “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, “A&M Aggie Sue”, “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, and Carole are lurking around every corner and pit lane screw up!  Those seven (7) players are within 25 points of each other.

“Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” is only 12 points outside a money position prior to Richmond!  So that is further proof that the standings is very tight, and could still jumble up and change dramatically change in the remaining four weeks!

Now handicapping the race for the prestigious “Outhouse Award” is as equally challenging.  For most of this segment Marc, with his back-to-back-to-back single digit performances to start off this segment, firmly cemented himself “on the throne” for the first half of this segment!  However in the last five weeks, with his excellent results, Marc has quickly pulled his pants up, fastened his belt, and quickly handed over control first his brother, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”, and now to his second most favorite uncle, “Jerry The Buschwacker”!  However these three players are not the only ones in contention for “Prince/Princess of The Poophouse”, “Ogre of The Outhouse”.  Not to be overlooked in this tight race is Edie, only 16 points out of a possible week “in the crapper”, too!

Nevertheless, with the above recap, all this prognostication it just that, pure speculation, as to the final results of the first segment of The Redneck Fantasy League!


Our Richmond Picks


This week there are four drivers that have an organized rooting section, of which only one has already won a race this season.

“Mr Four-Time”, Jeff Gordon, has “Dan The Numbers Dude” and “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey” hoping that there will be an eighth first-time winner put his name on the list this week.

Dawn and Carole, most likely could be seen at their local Dollar General store picking up some odds and ends for their crib, all the while rooting for that yellow #20 JGR Toyota of Matt Kenseth.

Likewise, both “Jeremy The Coach” and “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit” have an appointment to talk to their local CAT dealer. Rumor has it that they are most like looking for some kind of farm implements, or something!  Nevertheless, they both will be very interested in the progress of Ryan Newman Sunday!

Lastly “Jim, aka Chiefy” and Edie are watching, with great anticipation the progress of “Sliced Bread”, aka Joey Logano Sunday.

Those picks encompass one half of our players, the other half of The Redneck Fantasy League are, once again, “in bidnez” for themselves this week!

And, as Travis Tritt so eloquently put it,”It is a long way to Richmond rolling North on 95″!


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