Joey Logano

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Joey Logano won his second race of the season on Saturday, passing Matt Kenseth, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. after the final restart with eight laps to go at Richmond International Raceway.

Logano and Kevin Harvick are the only two-time winners this season, and are all but assured of making the 2014 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.


Movers and Shakers


We have a new leader atop the ol totem pole after the Toyota Owner’s 400 at RIR!  The lead was swapped amongst members of the same household.  Carlton fell to third, while Dawn clawed herself back into the lead this week!  Just an FYI, the point spread between the first place of Dawn and the fourth place of Jeremy is just four (4) points!  So things are very tight at the top, just a 17 point spread from first to fifth, the money places!

“Jim, aka Chiefy” and Edie kept the winner’s thing within house!  Both of them correctly picked “Sliced Bread”,Joey Logano, to go to Victory Lane at Richmond, and that got them the “big prize” of 47 points!

Additionally, both “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey” and “Dan The Numbers Cruncher” did very well coring a cool 44 points via the Jeff Gordon second place finish.

“Your Most Humble Sheriff” grabbed an impressive 41 points living on the edge and rooting for his least favorite driver, TLVW (The Las Vegas Weasel), Kyle Busch!  Notwithstanding the previously mentioned fact, “Your Most Humble Sheriff” is not a complete fool, he will take his 41 points and move on to Talladega!  Kyle Busch has four wins at Richmond!

Rounding out the top five scorers this Sunday, Dawn and Carole each was riding shotgun with Matt Kenseth, logging a cool 40 points for the weekend.

Despite the tightness of the standings the movement this week was small in nature.  Zee and Sue were the largest movers for the week.  Both of them climbed up three spots in the standings, landing in fifth and tenth places, respectively.

There were four players who moved up two spots after Richmond.  Those four players are Dawn, “Jim, aka Chiefy”, Carole, and Edie.


Straight From The Crapper


This week’s winner of “the crappiest picks of the week” award is really a stretch.  For the last few weeks the player who won this award by scoring a microscopic amount of points, however, this week that is not necessarily so.  “A&M Aggie Sue” was only able to score 21 points, and by virtue of that fact, she is the winner of “the crappiest pick of the week award”!

“Jerry The Buschwacker” has dug himself a little deeper into “The Outhouse”!  He now has a 25 point gap over his closet competitor for “The Prince of The Poophouse”, “Dan The Numbers Dude”!

In case any of you missed viewing the race, there was fireworks after the checkered flag flew.  Keselowski was mad at Kenseth. Mears had a “chapped pooper” at Ambrose!  Ambrose punched Mears.  Mears’ crewmembers punched Ambrose!  I think that Richmond should have had the Georgia Satlellites there to sing after the race, “Keep Your hands To Yourself”!  All in all it was a great “bullring” race!

Next week it is not just another race, it is TALLADEGA, baby!


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