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For those people who were wondering what has happened to Jimmie Johnson and the whole Hendrick Motorsports #48 Lowe’s Chevy team, the answer came Sunday in the Coca Cola 600!  The answer is there is nothing wrong with that team!  They have now joined the 2014 fraternity of winner’s!  It just took them a little longer to notch their first win of the season than usual, but there is truly nothing wrong with Jimmie and Chad!


Movers and Shakers


The biggest shakers in the Coca Cola 600 were “Jim, aka Chiefy” and “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, both had selected this race for Jimmie Johnson to bust out of his “slump” and win the race. Both players grabbed a cool 48 points for the win!

Zee had a very good race, scoring the second highest total with 41 points from Carl Edwards’ fourth place finish.

Even though Carlton did not log the highest tally in Coke 600, nevertheless, he did score enough points,38, to edge out his better half, Dawn, to wrap up first place in the this first segment!  For the last few weeks it had been a flip flop between those two, Carlton and Dawn, as to who was going to reign as the segment winner.  As it played out at the checkered flag at Charlotte, it was Carlton who prevailed by a single point!

The fourth highest scorer for this race was Edie, thanks to “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski’s tenth place finish.  Brad K gave her a very nice 35 points for the last race in this segment.

Rounding out the tip five point-getters for this race, is a quartet that includes “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”, Carole, “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle”, and yours truly, “Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff”.  The quartet picked Joey Logano as their choice to win, and even though he did not win, he did give them 32 points for the race.

The biggest mover of the week is “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie”.  “The Tie Dye Dude” really took a hit, completely falling out of the money to land in seventh place!  It seems that Jason was putting all his marbles in Kurt Busch’s marble sack this week.  Even thoug KuBu finished sixth at Indy, his fortunes were not even remotely as good at Charlotte.  Because Kurt’s engine expired early at the 400 mile mark of the race, “The Tie Dye Dude” only received 4 points today!  Those microscopic 4 points dropped him four spots, from third place to seventh and completely out of the money!

Even though Marc scored 23 points, it was not enough to keep him from tumbling 2 spots in the standings.

On the positive front, “Jim, aka Chiefy” rocketed up three places with his 48 points to land in third spot, and grab a little “Redneck Money”!  Likewise, Edie moved up two places to further distance herself from the place that she was hanging around for much of this segment, “The Outhouse”!


Straight From The Crapper


This week is was very easy to pick the winner of “the crappiest picks of the week”.  “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie” was only able to gather up a score of 4 points.  “The Tie Dye Dude” had hoped that Kurt Busch’s attempt at “The Double” would pay off a much better reward than it did.  However, that did not pan out so well for the NASCAR half of “The Double”, and therefore, Jason got hosed!

For the last several weeks the “run for The Outhouse” was very tight.  However after Charlotte, “Jerry The Buschwacker” solidified his position on the throne!  Even though Jerry scored 26 points, it was not enough for him the extricate himself from being “The Prince of The Poophouse”, It is with great pride that I announce that Jerry won, hands down, the first segment “Outhouse Award” plaque that he, most definitely will place nest to his TV for the nest segment for all to see!

“Jerry The Buschwacker” is the next player to get his picture coming soon on “The Redneck Hall of Shame”!

To briefly recap the five money paying positions for the first segment:

1. Carlton

2. Dawn

3. “Jim, aka Chiefy”

4.” Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff”

5. “Jeremy The Coach”

Next week starts the second segment with racing at “The Monster Mile”, Dover.

Good Luck!


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