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This weekend NASCAR rolls into the backyard of the US automobile industry, Michigan International Speedway, just about 90 miles West of Detroit.


Our Michigan Picks


It looks like nearly one third of the players are solidly together in their support for one of the Roush-Fenway Racing drivers this weekend at Micigan.  “Jerry The Buschwacker”, “Jim, aka, Chiefy”, Edie, “Jason the Latent Tie Dye Hippie”, Lonna, and lastly, yours truly, “Leon The Retired Airline Pilot, Semi Trained Cardiologist, Cotton Picker Extraordinaire, and Your Most Humble Sheriff”, all have been seen this week at their local drug stores stocking up on 3M products,  most likely Scotch tape, and thereby the phrase, “sticking with The Biff”!

There are four drivers this week that have two players each in their rooting section.

Doug, Jr. and “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” are riding shotgun with Kurt Busch this Sunday.

Dawn and Brandon was seen at Walmart loading up on multiple bags of M&M’s as comfort food while they hope that the younger Busch, Kyle, will lead the pack to the checkered flag.

Carlton and Zee both were seen at the Fastenal store sizing up, and securing, some nuts for their next repair job, simultaneously, hoping “Cousin Carl” Edwards can show the boys the fast way around the track Sunday.

Just this morning there has been an APB (all points bulliten) put out for both “A&M Aggie Sue” and “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”.  The last known sighting of these two players was as they entered different Dollar General Stores in their area this morning.  Both must be gathering products that they feel will help their man, Matt Kenseth, win the race Sunday.

Lastly, “Bernie the Bay Area Bandit” and “Doug The Former Mudslinger and Psychic, Now Turned Kettle Corn Dude” were last seen “grabbing a few Buds”!  I guess consuming some of the sponsor for their guy, Kevin Harvick, is their way of supporting him for Sunday!

If you were counting the number of players that supported the above drivers, you would know that the number totaled 15!  The remaining 5 players have individual choices, and are definitely “in bidnez” for themselves this Sunday!

Good luck to all at Michigan!


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