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With just two races to go in this segment, and the points spread in some groupings being very close, it is time for some of us who are struggling to “let the big dog eat”!!  For those just outside of the money paying positions, 1-5 places, the next two races are critical!  For some of us that are struggling to stay off of “the crapper” and out of “The Outhouse”, we are praying that out picks are really, really kind to us at Michigan. So here are our Michigan picks.  May they be really kind to us!


This Week’s Picks



There are only four drivers who have more than a single person in their rooting section at Michigan.

This week Dawn, “A&M Aggie Sue”, “David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, and “Jeremy The Coach” were all followed this week by The Redneck Fantasy League Private Investigator, Inspector Cleauseau.  It seems that all four, David in particular, were having insurance questions and concerns.  They all were tailed, and each one of these individuals were seen at a Farmer’s Insurance office!  Was that just a coincidence?

The obvious question is: do they all really have insurance concerns, or were they just trying to help out their driver this week, Kasey Kahne?  Hmmmmm!

The Redneck Fantasy League P.I. also noted that “Carlton the Doorman”, “Jim, aka Chiefy”, Doug, Jr. and Lonna, even though at different shopping venues, were all seen with a huge shopping cart full of M&M’s! Could it be that they all are “junk food junkies”?  Could it be that they are all diabetics and are desperately feeding their sweet tooth?  Or could it be that they feel that the best way to help, and encourage, their driver, ol Kylie Busch, is to load up on the sponsor’s product for the weekend?  I’m just sayin”……..

Still another question to be answered this week is: Why was Carole, Brandon, and Marc covertly sneaking into their local Dollar General Store?  Do they really think that the omniscient Redneck Fantasy League P.I. would not hunt them down? C’mon man!  But honestly, I think these three are just hoping that their man this week, Matt Kenseth, will FINALLY win a race!

Lastly, the trusted Redneck Fantasy League P.I. was shopping at Target earlier this week.  If the truth be known, he was sneaking into that store under the cover of darkness to try to load up on some Snickers, he is diabetic and was feeding his sweet tooth!  But I digressed.  However, in his “sneaking around” he noticed that “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, as well as “Leon The Retired Airline Captain, Former Elephant Driver, Part-time Cardiologist and Strawberry Picker, and Your Most Humble Sheriff” pushing their carts around inside Target like an F-117A Stealth Fighter, trying to desperately avoid detection!  Were they there on some secret mission, or were they there strictly to support their man, “Young Money”, Kyle Larson?  When the police report is made public, and they are released from protective custody, then and only then, will we know the entire truth!


There are seven players that have individual picks this week.  And for those how may be a little slow on the subtleties of that implication, I will repeat my weekly phrase. They are “in bidnez” for themselves!

Good luck to all!

P.S. For all of us over the age of 55, and thus we would be considered children of the 60’s, this weekend marks the 45th anniversary of a small gathering at Yazgur’s farm in up state New York.  Some people will recognize this gathering under another name……….WOODSTOCK!  Peace, love, and harmony were the words of that weekend!


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