Jeff Gordon

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Just like the race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway three weeks ago, Jeff Gordon had another restart with just 17 laps to go that he characterized then “as the restart of his life”!  And both of those restarts had the same results, a race winning move!

Jeff Gordon passed Joey Logano on a restart with 17 laps to go, and he held off the field to win the Pure Michigan 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday at Michigan International Speedway.

Gordon has 91 career wins on the premier circuit, which ranks first among active drivers and third all-time. It was the third time he’s won at Michigan, and the first time in over 13 years.

The Movers and Shakers


None of the players this week saw fit to pick “Mr. Four-Time” this week, therefore, nobody scored the big 48 points this week.

Nevertheless, “Jerry The Buschwacker” was the leading scorer this week with his 43 points, via “Sliced Bread”, Joey Logano.

Clint Bowyer rewarded “Doug The Former Mudslinger and Pyschic, Turned Kettle Corn Dude” with a very respectable 38 points.

Both Edie and “Dan the Numbers Cruncher” each logged 37 points Sunday.  Edie’s points came from “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski, whereas “The Numbers Dude” received his points from Denny “The Delivernator” Hamlin.

Even though the talk is that Jimmie Johnson’s team is suffering from a slump, today that team gave Zee 36 points.

Rounding out the top five scorers this week is “Karen the Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” who was rewarded 34 points for “sticking with the Biff”!

With the exception of our leader, “A&M Aggie Sue”, Dawn, “Carlton The Doorman”, and yours truly, the remaining sixteen (16) players all traded places.

There were two players who were catapulted up eight (8) spots this week.  Those two players with the greatest upward mobile movement were “Jerry The Buschwacker” and “DougThe Former Mudslinger and Psychic, Turned Kettle Corn Dude”!  Doug now resides in 7th place, and Jerry lives in 9th spot.

Zee and “Dan The Numbers Cruncher” also had a great Sunday.  Like Mother, like son, they each climbed up six (6) places on the totem pole now sitting in 5th and 12th place, respectively.

Edie had a nice afternoon, moving up 5 spots to land in 11th place.

The next duo moved up three (3) places.  “David the Mudslinging Throttle Jockey” and “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” now are holding up in10th and 2nd, respectively.

Rounding out the positive movement list is “Jeremy The Coach”, who moved up two (2) spots to land in 4th place for this week.

The players who were not so lucky this week are numerous!  Marc, “Jim, aka Chiefy”, Brandon, and Carole all dropped like a Prom dress this week!  Each of these players dropped seven (7) places, Marc now sits in 17th, “Chiefy”, 16th, Brandon 15th, and Carole landed in 14th.

Doug, Jr. also had a miserable afternoon, falling six (6) spots Sunday.

Both “Bernie the Bay Area Bandit” and Lonna each dropped four (4) places this week, now sitting in 6th and 8th, respectively.


Straight From the Crapper


I have a confession to make!  Last week I misspoke!  I did not really have “The Outhouse” all to myself, as I reported. After closer examination, the truth of the matter was that “Carlton The Doorman” was tied with me. So in actuality, we were co-controllers of “The Poophouse”.

However, I am honored to report to all that I hit rock bottom this week.  After the race at Michigan I am the unchallenged “Prince of The Poophouse”, “Ogre of The Outhouse”“Crown-Prince of The Crapper”!

This week there were nine of the twenty players that had received a single digit score, and that resulted in “a crappy day” for all of them!  That is almost half of us!  Therefore, I had lots of players from which evaluate just who had “the crappiest picks of the week”!  After scouring all those scores, there were two people who scored just one microscopic point and must share “the crappiest pick of the week”.  This week those two who share this prestigious weekly award are “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit” and “Leon The Retired Airline Captain, Part-Time Cardiologist and Strawberry Picker, Former Elephant Driver, World Recognized Journalist, and Your Most Humble Sheriff”.

Next week NASCAR rolls into “Thunder Valley”, aka Bristol Motor Speedway.  Bristol also marks the end of the second segment!

Good Luck to all and “burn down the trailer park”!


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