Ryan Newman

(WOMR file photo)

This week NASCAR rolls into the Northeast corner of Tennessee/the Southwest corner of Virginia, aka “Thunder Valley”, however, it is better known as the Bristol Motor Speedway.

With this being the last race of segment #2, we have co-favorites at Bristol.

Both “The Rocket Man”, Ryan Newman, and “The Las Vegas Weasel”, Kyle Busch, each have three players in their corners.

Brandon, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”, as well as “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”, all were seen test driving some Caterpillar tractors this week!  I am not sure if their desires were the ones with rubber tires or the big boys with the tracks! But nevertheless, these three are hoping that their driver, Ryan Newman, will bring home the Bristol hardware.

Likewise, Edie, “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie”, and “Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff” will be “feeding their sweet tooth” this weekend with an abundance of M&M’s!  Just as a personal note: My person favorites are the M&M’s with almonds!

Dawn and Zee are hoping that Joey Logano can bring his Team Penske Shell/Pennzoil Ford into the Winner’s Circle Sunday.

Additionally, Doug, Jr. and “Jerry The Buschwacker” are hoping that Jimmie Johnson can ;pull himself up by his bootstraps and emerge from this “funk” that has befell this team over the past few weeks.

Lastly, both “Jim, aka Chiefy” and “Jeremy The Coach” will be watching, with great anticipation, the SHR Haas CNC Auomation #41Chevy with Ol Kurt Busch behind the wheelSunday.

The remaining eight players are all independent operators, and as such, all are “in bidnez” for themselves!

Once again I will print my disclaimer for short track racing!

It is requested that all drivers, as well as other crew members, please check your egos, feelings, tempers, and weapons at the pit gate!  It is for your own good, as well as safety!


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