Brad Keselowski

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On a night where “Blazingly Bad Brad” led 383 of the 400 laps at Richmond International Raceway, I would say that Keselowski handed everyone a thorough “butt whippin”!  With this victory “Kes” gives The Captain, Roger Penske, and Team Penske it’s 400th motorsports victory. Additionally, “Blazingly Bad Brad” takes the top seed in The Chase with four victories!


Movers and Shakers


We have a new leader this week, “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit”!

It is odd that not a single player had Keselowski on “their wish list” this weekend, especially at a race that he so thoroughly dominated!

Nevertheless, we did have three players who had a very nice Richmond results.  Zee, Marc, and “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie” were our highest scorers this week, logging 42 big ones from Jeff Gordon’s second place finish in The Federated Auto parts 400.

Brandon, too, faired exceptionally well at Richmond.  Because Kevin Harvick finished in fifth place, Brandon was rewarded with 40 points.

As was mentioned above, “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit” rocketed into the lead this weekend via her selection of Joey Logano, and the resulting 38 points that she received from his efforts.

Additionally, Carole enjoyed the fruits of Kurt Busch’s labor, getting 37 points at Richmond.

Rounding out the top five scorers this week, scoring 36 points, are “A&M Aggie Sue”,David The Mudslinging Throttle Jockey”, and “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”.

Let me say that there was whole sale movement this week.  In fact, the only players that did not move up or down this week was “A&M Aggie Sue” and “Dan The Numbers Cruncher”, every other player traded places with others.

The single largest mover this week is “Jerry The Buschwacker”!  “The Buschwacker” had the misfortunate pleasure of selecting Matt Kenseth for the race at Richmond, resulting in his colossal crash in the standings!  “The Buschwacker” has set a new record in The Redneck Fantasy League, plummeting twelve (12) spots in just one week!

Both Lonna and Edie, likewise, took a turn for the worse.  Both of these ladies fell three (3) places, Lonna now sits in 10th, and Edie has fallen all the way down to 20th! That means that Edie now sits on the throne in “The Outhouse”, all by herself!

Similarly, “Leon The Retired Airline Pilot, Part-Time Cardiologist and Strawberry Picker, Former Elephant Driver, Second Segment Outhouse Award Winner, and Your Most Humble Sheriff” fell out of the top ten, falling two (2) spots to land in 12th this week.

On the positive side this week, Brandon clawed his way up five (5) places, allowing him to climb up to 8th place.

Likewise, Zee had a successful weekend moving up four (4) places to reside in 7th spot.

Both “Jason The Latent Tie Dye Hippie” and Carole moved up three (3) places resting in 15th and 16th, respectively.

Lastly, Dawn climbed up two (2) places this week, and sits in 6th place.

The players not mentioned this week merely slipped up or down just one place.


Straight From The Crapper


The player this week the player who won “the crappiest pick of the week” won that award hands down!  “Jerry The Buschwacker” scored a microscopic three (3) points, and for that exhibit of expertise he has secured this weeks award!

Just like the fact that we have a new leader at the top of the totem pole this week, we also have a new “Princess of The Poophouse”!  “Carlton The Doorman” handed over the keys to the not-so-executive washroom, aka known as “The Outhouse Award” to Edie this week!

Next week NASCAR moves to the windy city, Chicagoland Speedway.  In actually, the race track really lies within the city limits of Joliet!  The complex boasts not only of this high speed mile and a half  track, but also a fast dirt track, and an NHRA drag strip!

Good luck!


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