Jimmie Johnson

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Well, Jimmie Johnson was the spoiler at the Texas Motor Speedway Sunday.  And eve though this race was not at one of the short tracks of Richmond, Bristol, or Martinsville, after the race there were more bruised egos, tempers lost, and punches flying than at any Friday night at the Blackboard Bar in Bakersfield, CA, or The Fire Empire, which was located just outside of Main gate at Clark AB, the Republic of the Philippines!

NASCAR may not have known the amount of pressure that this new format for The Chase was going to bring to the drivers and the race teams.  But I, for one, have a real sneaky idea that they knew that the playoff format would bring drama to the race track and to the TV sets!

For the second week in a row a non Chaser has won the race.  This week Jimmie Johnson was the first driver to see the checkered flag wave after two attempts to get the race completed!


Movers and Shakers


Even though “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” took the top score of the week, getting 48 points form “Mr. Six Pack”, Jimmie Johnson, it still was not enough to remotely get her out of “The Outhouse” this week!

The second highest scorers this week were “Bernie The Bay Area Bandit and Password Queen” and “Carlton The Doorman”, both selected Kevin Harvick as their preferences, and was awarded 43 points.

Zee was the only player brave enough this week to select “Blazingly Bad” Brad Keselowski.  For her gallantry and bravery she is awarded 42 points, along with a bloody lip and and a few bumps and bruises!

Both “Jerry The Buschwacker” and Marc were on board with the M&M’s driver, Kyle Busch, and grabbed a cool 40 points.

Rounding out the top five scores for the week are “Jim, aka Chiefy” and “Doug The former Mudslinger and Psychic, Turned Kettle Corn Dude”. Both of these characters secured 37 points when Kurt Busch finished in 8th place.


this week it is easier to report who did not move in the standings, than to list everyone who did move.  The first three spots on the totem pole, “A&M Aggie Sue”, Dawn, and Zee all held serve this week. Additionally, “Dan The Numbers Cruncher” and  “Leon Your Most Humble Sheriff”, remained tin the their previous weekly spots.  Also, the bottom three in the standings, “Jerry The Buschwacker”, “Jim, aka Chiefy”, and “The Princess of The Poophouse”, “Karen the Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” all remained in their previous totem pole spots!

The remaining eleven players all moved up or down only one position this week!


Straight From The Crapper


This week’s illustrious “crappiest pick of the week” goes to Lonna.  Even though she scored 16 points this week, it was the single lowest score awarded to any of the players.

For yet another week, an quite possibly for the remaining two future weeks, “Karen The Highly Opinionated Southern Belle” remains firmly entrenched in total and absolute control of “The Outhouse”!  Her lead in this department has been whittled down to 12 points this week, however!

For those who missed the race today, you missed out on some really great “haymakers’ thrown after the race!  I have a solution to resolving some of the anger management problems that have popped up recently,  Click on this link to read an article that I wrote for another web site, Bench Racing On Pit Row.com regarding a solution to bruised egos, lost tempers, and crumpled sheet metal.  You might agree with my solution to this prevailing problem, or just have a good chuckle.

Next week NASCAR, as well as Jim and myself, will file into Phoenix International Raceway for the final elimination race in the Eliminator Eight segment of The Chase.

Good luck to all!  And as we all know “Saturday night is all right for fighting”!


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